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  1. It depends. If you want to make a binary mod of a stock rom you can just unzip and replace apps etc. Something like Atomic requires Smali knowledge which is probably more difficult than java. Thats why I stick to compiling roms from scratch which needs a knowledge of android and the build system, patience And a fast computer.

    What do you use to work on your rom development? I am thinking of using Eclipse

  2. I'm thinking of using an app called AIDE https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aide.ui&hl=en to develop my apps, its more of a learn and play around thing with this more than anything so that I can get more knowledge and know-how, I will most likely develop properly using my laptop in a proper environment :)

    I'm not new to programming so hopefully my knowledge in C++ can help, I currently use Matlab, so I know about variables, functions, if-else statements etc

  3. I sold my Skate last year in November, when I was about to buy a Galaxy Note...which is the device I currently own, even though ICS isn't at full stability and doesn't make full use of the phone specs I was keen to know how the development for the Skate is? I miss my Skate, however...I can't ever go back to a smaller screen than 5.3", I still see a some familiar people exist here...especially the rom developers :)

  4. Nice one on the Note B) I pondered changing my Streak for one, but decided I'm happy at the mo. Lot's of exciting roms appearing for the Streak.

    Instead I'm selling my Asus Transformer and getting the new one (Transformer Prime).

    I upgraded my laptop in June this year from a Toshiba Equium A210 to a Toshiba Satellite P750 (8GB RAM, i7 processor, 2GB graphics)...I know the excitement :)

  5. not only that but it will always be re-sellable at a high price if you wish to change in a years time or so...

    i payed £500 for my iphone 4 & sold a year later for £420

    I think I got my Note for cheap, however...I expect the non-retail price to drop by a £100 during the next 6-12 months, that doesn't bother me to be honest because I can make stuff last and the design of the note is really experior if you have seen it...its really curved and the trim has a nice silver finish so I probably will keep it and keep it in good condition :) the guy I sold my Skate to is on this forum so not sure if he will reply to how immaculate my ex-Skate is...and I had that for over 3 months.

  6. well as a former omc owner .yes i miss it .but have now x10i its kay.but to be honest you wont find a better forum for support than the zte forum they have all the support for all roms and themes and lots of help.i have checked all the forums on here and this one is the best supported so for anyone wanting a omc yes stick with it .you wont go wrong.im still using my osf and it stay forever also my x10 support is okay to. but omc is the best of the best.

    Agree, the support of this forum is brilliant...I surely will miss the help and everything else :)

    Today I bought a Galaxy Note from Ebay...its less than 5 miles from me yet was unable to make a pickup as seller wouldn't allow it. I know what people are going to think...waste of money, they are £629.99 in the shops, however...I won one for £460+P&P (unlocked too) and it will last me 3-4 years so took that into mind, will get it on Tuesday :)

    I changed my mind on getting a Galaxy S2 purely because it is similar to the skate (more powerful but not as nice looking), i'd rather pay an extra £200 for a Note.

  7. I agree the support and ROMs have been great for the Skate but every step of the way I have had issues with the Proximity Sensor (and to a lesser) extent Bluetooth. ZTE's are great value but not always great quality.

    I'm getting a SE Xperia Play for Xmas. :-)

    The only I had with the Skate was with its responsiveness and speed when using PDF files etc, the best thing about it is the large screen and its appealing design, oh and its value :)

  8. 240 is a bargain mate. I wuld go and get it right now if i were you. ;)

    but yeh, can handle games with ease, (from the games i have, which are angry birds, flick football, PES 2011, samurai 2 veganace, Nova to name a few...)

    and what do u mean by unlock? do u mean unlocking so u can use any carrier?

    I have a budget of £300 to spend on a Galaxy S2, does anyone recommend that I buy a S2 from Gumtree as there is a good bargain to get from there?...never bought anything from there before, I want a brand new S2 though. Yup...I meant carrier unlock, incase my S2 is locked, thanks.

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