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  1. Had the same problem. You would need to restore the titanium back up files before activating apps2sd. Please, see this post from Vache. http://android.modac...ost__p__1826988 Also, I stopped using link2sd with this ROM, because apps2sd does everything. HTH
  2. tj29

    [ROM 2.3.5]

    Compass is working fine.
  3. I have seen those comments too. Did not want to take any risk and bought invisible shield for my screen. The phone works fine with it and cannot see any problem at all.
  4. Oh dear! Hope it wasn't too bad. I have been dreading I might drop it and hence keeping inside the pouch (that came with it) as much as possible. But as far as the phone is concerned, I simply love it. I am running the t&l ROM with stock AOSP theme and it is great. :)
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