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  1. Sad news :(

    The phone quickly became ultra instable, apps were missing, many times I had to insert again and again details of google account and lately the very 1st android configuration screen is coming up at each boot :(

    I decided to be very accurate and "clean".

    I've downloaded acer latest firmware and did a total wipe.

    Then I installed gingerounay 2.5.0 and then 2.5.1.

    The phone was perfect.

    Then, from recovery, I've partitioned sd card and converted ext2 to ext3 again.

    I rebooted and enabled apps2sd (for data, dalvik and applications).

    Rebooted once again.

    In this last reboot the phone "implodes" and all the apps get a force close. In the end the phone auto/reboots itself.

    Booting once again I had finally apps2sd working and freeing my space.

    Perfect again.

    After restoring a few apps from titanium backup (taking care not to restore apps so sd but to internal memory) and a few reboot the phone was stuck at the 1st android configuration screen again (the one where you have to touch the droid to begin).

    On the other side, reformatting, rewiping, repartitioning etc etc...

    When I install link2sd I just end into a bootlooop.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Had the same problem. You would need to restore the titanium back up files before activating apps2sd. Please, see this post from Vache.


    Also, I stopped using link2sd with this ROM, because apps2sd does everything.


  2. 1) In various places people are commenting about the screen being plastic and easy to scratch ... anyone got any experience on this - does it get scratched quickly, do screen protectors work and do they interfere with the touch screen?

    I have seen those comments too. Did not want to take any risk and bought invisible shield for my screen. The phone works fine with it and cannot see any problem at all.

  3. No problem (thank flibblesan for pinning it), I'm also a first time Metal user but a fairly experienced Android user.

    How are you guys liking the phone so far? I like mine very much, but I managed to drop it and chip a tiny bit off the corner on the first day I had it dry.gif

    Oh dear! Hope it wasn't too bad. I have been dreading I might drop it and hence keeping inside the pouch (that came with it) as much as possible. But as far as the phone is concerned, I simply love it. I am running the t&l ROM with stock AOSP theme and it is great. :)

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