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  1. As the title suggests, I stumbled across these entries in res/values/integers: <integer name="mot_nv_enable_hidden_menu_program">8342</integer> <integer name="mot_nv_enable_hidden_menu_akey">8343</integer> <integer name="mot_nv_enable_hidden_menu_fts">8344</integer> Anyone know what the codes are to access the hidden menus on this phone or what these integers are for?
  2. Changelog: #1 ========================================================= V4 (4/1/14) -Removed 15% 'battery low' nag -Increased blink rate for the notification LED V3 (2/1/14): -Settings background changed to black V2 (2/1/14): -Enabled CRT animation off (electrobeam screen off animation) -Some dark backgrounds set to black =========================================================
  3. #1 ======================================================================================================================= This is a replacement SystemUI.apk to bring some minor tweaks to the status bar when expanded on the stock GB (4.3) ROM. Originally I just wanted to increase the size of the date in the top left when the notification bar is pulled down. Turns out this wasn't the only thing messing with my autism.... Mods: -StatusBar.Expanded.Clock changed to Holo blue light -StatusBar.Expanded.Date changed to Holo blue light and a larger font (12dpi>16dpi) -StatusBar.Expanded.Network changed to Holo blue light -CRT animation off enabled -Settings background changed to pure black (see screenshots) -No 15% low battery nag -Increased notification LED blink rate Screenshoths: Flash it through CWM (not tested on TWRP), no wipes needed. Make sure you backup first. This has not been tested on any other variant of the Moto G. Flash at your own risk. DOWNLOADs: V4:http://www.mediafire.com/download/i6q4dm6ffcnjbrc/MotoGthemeV4.zip More theming to come #2 ====================================================================================================================== CRT animation off Only: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1ru23popzjiouc9/MotoG_43_CRTonly.zip (Stock 4.3 GB ROM)
  4. Hey dude, Thanks for the ROM. Have you enabled the switch from 3G icon to H/H+? (assuming you are using the US OTA) If not, I'm pretty sure it's just a bool.
  5. If you guys post in a bit more detail, the Dev may be able to help. If there is really a battery drain issue. Try reporting what exactly is causing the drain. Posts like this one are useless to a Dev forum.
  6. Soz, not 'pin worthy'. Partly for the "go die" bit but mostly because it serves little purpose.
  7. Lol. i meant something less missleading and add 'the' progress...funny guy haha like: dev fundraising project 60% or similar
  8. @intensedarkness If you rename the thread and add progress in title. i'm sure it wouldn't be a problem for me to pin it.
  9. "Faster" is an understatement. Daz could get a build of this up in a day.
  10. 20 kwid donated. I do not own the device but....what the hell it would be cool and Daz deserves it. 6/20
  11. Just thought i would stop by and checkup on the old g300. I'm surprised none of you have tried your hand at building this yet. The Chinese have a working build right? so there must be a device repo floating aroud that is pretty complete. If you want to build CM----->http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Doc:_porting_intro It's not rocket science. It's time consuming and frustrating but not to hard. There are loads of guides and tips to be found out there. Dazzozo's device tree would be a very good place to start. Lots of the boring stuff is already done! get stuck in! :)
  12. oh cool :) I'm still going to have a play with it on the off chance I stumble across anything that might be of any help to you.
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