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  1. Quadrant can tell you your hardware info.
  2. Sej's rom looks pretty darn good. Battery life is longest I've seen so far(I have been playing with my phone for hours now, and still over 50%)! Only problem is that I can't log into my G account. When I go to Market, it wants me to log in, but as soon as I press ok, it just gets back to my home screen. Any workaround to log in?
  3. Son of a bitch! Almost flushed this phone from toilet. Data wont work anymore, poor responsiveness, boot took five minutes. Anyone else having problems with the odexed kang? I thought I've got rid of this nasty shlt...
  4. I used tohave this problem too. I don't know how it got fixed, but it might be that S2E thingy as efzegave said.
  5. Why would you wanna do that :P? I think I'll test that Burstlam's rom. I had some weird problems on alpha 5, but I guess this is worth trying..
  6. Are the softbuttons Galaxy Nexus'ish(hehe) or are they in the status bar?
  7. I'm on the road so I don't have my pc woth me. Everything is a bit harder with phone. Amphoras, thank you trying it tomorrow.
  8. Awgh... I can't download the tpt image package from Wbaw's Xda thread... All the mirrors just has a 300 bit package, and the file should be 16mb... Anyone have a mirror that can be trusted...?
  9. Yeah. Is it okay to have 210mb partition on Gingerbread or should I change it back to 160?
  10. LOL. Had no idea about that :D . So its because of the system apps Haha, I was stupid... Still, good time to upgrade.
  11. Anyone have the link for Burstlam's latest Kang? This build started to malfunction with app installation. When I try to install a non-market API, it only says I don't have enough space, although I do have over 20mb free on internal and over 1gb on SD. Edit: found it already(pretty hard to search with my phone :D )
  12. Market won't let me download apps anymore! It just says "your device isn't compatible with this produce"... I haven't been messing up with the resolutions lately, so it must be something else...?
  13. Wow, does the battery really last that long? Even my GB rom won't last that long...
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