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  1. Thanks for the quick responses mate :)
  2. Well, that was just a rhetorical question :blush: I actually was asking because I have like 2,000 songs right now in my Galaxy Nexus and would like to upload only some of them to the cloud and use it on the Nexus 7 exclusively while keeping my physical library in the GNex since we don't have that great coverage here in my country so streaming would be less practical for the GNex but helpful giving the limited capacity of the Nexus 7.. Think am blabbering a little bit here :blush: sorry for that, and thanks for the quick response ;)
  3. Quick question before I try this awesome tutorial :D If I already have a song on my Galaxy Nexus and then uploaded it to the cloud to say listen to it on my Nexus 7, how would it react on the Galaxy Nexus?? would there be a duplicate? :wacko: Thanks in advance for any help :)
  4. matiuos44

    #askmodaco - Galaxy Nexus

    Say if I put CM9 (or any ICS ROM) on the Galaxy Note, what does the Nexus have over the Note?for someonewho doesn't mind a 5.3 inch what other benefits of having the Nexus over thw Note?
  5. Hey Paul..appreciate your hard work mate :-) Will you ne releasing an MCR with Gingerbread for us who didn't make the jump to Honeycomb? :-) Am sorry if thats much to ask,I know you're a busy man Thanks Sent from my 7" slab with a tab

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