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  1. According my information from Zuk, final version will be realease on 27/09/2015.
  2. [left]This of andalululu4.9 latest update MIUI audience joined Dolby The Dsp audio enhanced again thank Ann greatly oil to bring very strong MIUI I is to do a simple editor at 2012-4-10 10:45 by digital firmware network modifications out of respect for the original problem exists in the ROM, where there will be, and once again thank Ann, I hope he will be better and better we small V ROM, Citie is designed to appeal to more people to study MIUI , and ultimately to spend a perfect MIUI I An Post has also been a concern, no plagiarism or piracy security mean, and An ROM will not modify, hereby declare . Did not modify the ROM Information ROM Description: (1) repair the setup menu to see clearly: the setup menu can be changed with the theme 2. built-in dual mount software camera perfect to use 3. Dolby sound DSP sound enhanced version to hear oil of music, listen to sound like the feeling 4.RE Manager Express Figure browse replace the 3D Gallery 5 . replace the original machine wallpaper to fast Kai function keys 6. increase gorgeous unlock lazy snooze 7.Swap alarm clock at startup in the System Tools settings Brush risk steps: Brush tutorial (card swipe): 1. install the driver: download the driver (the forum, many not available for download) Once downloaded extract the install. 2 brush into the recovery. Download rec After downloading or extracting. Then turn off your phone, press and hold the volume key + power button for 10 seconds or so. Wait for the boot screen to stay on the boot the first screen of data cable to connect the computer, open in front of the unpacked files. Double-click to extract the icon obtained. And then there will be a window this time, press any key, it will automatically brush into and then the phone automatically restart. Here, your recovery has been brushed into success. (If that fails, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ pull the battery!) 3. to enter the recovery (interface in Chinese), select the Brush Pack Brush. Package to download a good brush machine copy to your SD card, usually the root directory. And then shut down, press and hold the volume key + power button. (10S) into the rec interface. Explain the operation: the volume keys up and down for mobile screen option (virtual keys, Home key and menu key, the same effect); return key role is returned; search key is to act as the role of the OK button. Next, pay attention to a few steps: ( 1) first select to clear all cache + clear all data. We often say that Shuangqing. "" It's important! ! ! ! ② Select - Brush package installed from the SD card. (3) choice - from the SD card, select the Brush package. (4) to find the downloaded Brush package to determine the brush into. Brush process takes approximately 5 minutes. Please be patient! [/left] [left]The ⑤ brushing back to the rec main interface, choose to immediately restart the phone. [/left] [left]The ⑥ phone will restart this process is generally 3-5 minutes. If you stay to in Brush boot interface, please check your package is damaged. ⑦ into the interface for the phone, the phone may be a bit small card, immediately restart a cell phone. Then you will find the speed of change is much faster! ! These Brush the whole process. I hope to help beginners[/left] Translated by google, I think It's a modification of andalulu's rom. Regards
  3. Hi, In the official post of Andalulu in Miui forum http://www.miui.com/thread-466565-1-1.html not appears the new file. Regards
  4. Mirror on my dropbox: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/68957644/MIUI_BLADE_0409.zip
  5. News from andalulu: http://dl.dbank.com/c0rf8vab4z
  6. What about this http://www.2shared.com Regards
  7. Mediafire if you could, I tried the 3_4 update and have more chinese than english, It's no good for me. Regards
  8. When I try to register, demand an verification code and shows an image in chinese. Your link is 78,4 mb and the 4_4 its 86,53 mb, I think its not the same. Regards
  9. Hi, Anyone can download this update 04_04_2012 of andalulu and upload to another site like mediafire? http://dl.dbank.com/c0391wvopn# I Tried several times, but i don't know chinese for the capcha. Thanks in advanced
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