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  1. Hi, I have a Galaxy Nexus and I also have a dual SIM adapter (Magic Sim 28th generation) which I wan't to use on my Galaxy Nexus. But it's not working properly... It only works once, after switching card the first time the STK menu disappears. Sometimes doesn't work at the first time, others it works but the phone stays with the APN from the first card making impossible to use internet. I have stock 4.2.1. Anyone experiencing problems? Thanks!
  2. My camera preview is a little broken... especially the recording preview. Is there a solution for this?
  3. How many fps records this rom? It's equal to 2.3? Or is it still 8fps? Thanks!
  4. Hello, Anyone knows the sar rating for zte libra? My manual says 1,4 w/kg. But i found this manual in the internet that says 1,1w/kg. I have portuguese zte libra (A5).. Thanks, P020110927552918843491.pdf
  5. Hello, Just one question... Does TPT work on unrooted phones? For someone who has an unrooted phone could he just do TPT and next install the rom with clockwormod (wich i guess is installed during the TPT)? Or he does need to do something before?
  6. CM7.1, CM7.1 and ColdFusionX works on SAPO A5 too.
  7. Yes, I think all custom roms have parts that are copied from the stock roms.
  8. Hello, During calls I hear a hissing. It's low and it does not interfer with the call quality... but i'm wondering if anynone else is experiencing this. Looks like when I put my hear on the proximity sensor I hear the hissing louder. Does the proximity sensor produces any sound? Thanks.
  9. Didn't tried CM7.2 but with CM7.1 I have better battery duration than ColdFusionX. Looks lke ColdFusionX lasts more than CM7 in standby but in use lasts much less. Is your device originally an GEN1 or GEN2?
  10. You don't know that for sure... But there are 90% chances it will have the same problems (OpenMax).
  11. My phone is originally a GEN1 phone. I had my phone updated to GEN2 by TPT metod until now. It was working fine except it didn't sleep on 2G mode. Solved the problem I had (phone didn't sleep on "2G only" mode) by updating to GEN2 via windows.
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