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  1. Does this still work on a Nexus 10? After doing the procedure. Root Checker (from Free Android Tools) still said that there is no root access as did Root Checker (from joeykrim).
  2. I have a 0.5GB ZTE Cheapo Android JB phone. I kill apps using Advanced task Killer and then they start a few seconds later. As a result, I have constant low memory notifications. I've us d Manage Apps to look at the apps in question e.g. Viber, Line. I've moved the apps, when I can, to the SD card. I notice that there is a 'Launch by default' parameter, but it's grayed out for the 'naughty' apps. Why do these apps keep re-appearing and what can I do bout it? PS I've tried rebooting but no improvement.
  3. I used the Gen1-to-Gen2 TPT to 'reload' the Phone & its OS again, after clearing the data, cache & dalvik bits. That worked so I flashed Cyanogen 7.2 ROM. That worked OK. However, when I rebooted, it still hangs on displaying the Android logo image. I've also tried installing the gapps zip file & it also hangs after that. Presumably the sdcard is OK as the flashes work. I've tried rebooting with & without the SIM card. Help!
  4. I've converted my Blade to Gen2 and am using Cyanogen 7.2. Suddenly it's having trouble finding the SIM card. I've tried removing & replacing the battery and SIM card and sometimes it finds the SIM card OK (made no difference when I used a different SIM card). However, it now won't boot up: it gets to the Android image but not to the Cyanogen image. I've tried booting to 'Clockwork' by holding down the Vol Down whilst pressing the Power On. Any ideas please?
  5. It's very irritating that Google Play Store won't let you download an app that you wrote & published to it. So (on my only Android device), I added another existing Gmail account (after clearing Gmail's data) and added another actual Debit card: both in my wife's name. Google Play Store still comes up with "Error: Your order could not be processed". I noticed that (even though I select my wife's Debit card, it still shows my email address against the 'Pay with' screen text. What should I do?
  6. Thank you for your reply, Felsch. adb works fine under both host Ubuntu and VirtualBox with guest of Windows XP. However, Basic4Android (which its own IDE running under VirtualBox with guest of Windows XP) can't find the device (when Compiling & Running to it) even though adb sees it but displays: adb server is out of date. killing... * daemon started successfully * List of devices attached CM7-Blade device I think the problem is with Basic4Android: I'll contact its author re the above display. At the moment I have to use the emulator for testing: so I prefer to use Wine rather than VirtualBox with Windows XP.
  7. Running WindowsXP in VirtualBox trying to use Basic4Android (which has its own IDE: thus not using Eclipse) to compile my Basic4Android app's code to & run on the phone is very flaky even though I have VirtualBox extension pack installed. So using VirtualBox I'm forced to use the Android emulator which I find to be slow to start. Therefore, I might as well use Basic4Android under Wine and also using the emulator (under Wine) which seems to run faster in Wine than VirtualBox/WindowsXP. Of course, I am able to take my app's .apk file from my PC & transfer it to the sdcard on the phone using Nautilus (Ubuntu's equivalent of Windows Explorer, though I'm sure that you already knew that).
  8. I'm asking this question on this forum even though it's really the wrong forum but I'm getting desperate. I'm having trouble connecting to my ZTE Blade phone under Cyanogen Mod 7. It connects OK using Ubuntu Lucid 64 bit (on my PC). However, I'm using Basic4Android to develop an Android app. Basic4Android is a Windows program. therefore, I have to run it under Wine. Main problem I'm having is compiling to (it actually creates the .apk file on the PC & installs it to the phone) & running it on my ZTE Blade phone. I've installed the ZTE Blade driver under Wine. However, Basic4Android cannot see the phone. I've tried running adb (under Wine) and it says no devices found. Anybody any ideas?
  9. I have a ZTE Blade Gen1 with Gen1-to-Gen2 tpt installed followed by installation of Cyanogen 7.1.0. I've also installed gapps-gb-20110120-signed so that I am able to use Android Market. The keyboard discovers the phone and pairs successfully with it after Android Market "BlueKeyboard JP - Bluetooth" app installed so that "Connected to HID Device" shows on phone under Bluetooth settings. However pressing keys on keyboard has no effect e.g. when using Google Search. Any ideas for making the keyboard work? Alternatively, does anybody know of a Bluetooth keyboard that works with Gingerbread on a ZTE blade?
  10. A newbie question. I read the first post on this thread with the link to the rls5 zip file. Is that link the current stable release? If not,what is the link to the current stable release?
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