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  1. So basically i have sucessfully flashed the T&L 2.3.4 rom have just installed SetCpu however the frequency is limited to a maximum of 806mhz I was wondering if anyone could shed any light on how i go about unlocking this.. My idea is that the kernel is setting the boundaries? but if this is true then how do i go about getting a custom kernal without these boundaries surely i cant flash a custom kernal onto a completely different rom and the roms i have seen on the forum with overclocking seem not as good and lacking in stability! So anyone who can shed like on this , it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks -Jabar
  2. Im having a problem with the rom its a minor issue nothing major, When i reach the 15% battery mark the battery last alot longer compared to lets say the time taken to lose battery from 65% to 50% and yes before flashing i did wipe everything including battery stat im wondering if this is normal or an abnormality Secondly i had a question about over clocking using this ROM should i be using Setcpu? Thanks in advance -Jabar
  3. Closed, simply booted into recovery and the beauty of the new one is it does SD partition backed up my, Stuff onto computer and restored bang boom DONE!~ xD
  4. So basically ive just flashed a rom, followed the tutorial that has recently been pined. When i open Link2SD, it says "The Second parition not found on your card. Make sure you have two partitions on your SD card and both are primary." Anyone know the solution to this? Thanks in advance =] Jabbie
  5. Thank you very much for posting a guide, its been very useful to a first time metal user like myself =] -Jabbie
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