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  1. To Un-USB Brick HTC Desire: 1. Hold down the back button, and then turn on your Desire 2. Make sure the screen shows FASTBOOT. If it doesn’t, choose it from the options available 3. In command prompt go to the folder on your computer where you downloaded and extracted the Android SDK to 4. At the command prompt type ‘fastboot oem boot’ 5. If you know that you don’t have access to the SD card when your phone loads up, also type the command ‘ fastboot oem enable qxdm 0’ 6. The bit you need from the information displayed in the CID. Look for something like ‘INFOCID is O2___001’. In this case, my CID is ‘O2___001’ 7. On your phone go to Settings>About phone>Software Information and note your Software Number. Mine was 1.21.405.1 8. Now turn off the phone and take the SD card out and put it in your computer 9. Go to http://ks33673.kimsufi.com/misc/ and put in the details from steps 6 & 7. 10. Download the file it creates 11. Get the flash image from http://www.shadowchild.nl/flash_image 12. Put both of these on the SD card 13. Put the SD Card back in your Desire and turn it on 14. Go to the Market and download a terminal emulator. I used ConnectBot 15. Run Connectbot. In the bottom left corner where it says ‘ssh’ click on the triangle. Choose ‘locall and put in anything for your nickname. 16. Now enter the following commands EXACTLY as they are shown below, pressing enter after each one 17. su 18. cat /sdcard/flash_image > /data/flash_image 19. cat /sdcard/mtd0.img > /data/mtd0.img 20. chmod 755 /data/flash_image 21. /data/flash_image misc /data/mtd0.img 22. Reboot your Desire, and it should all work again!
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