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  1. Tried it!! Found that :: DX os is just set of apps layered over AOSP. DX OS mainly distinguished by its homescreen,lockscreen,contacts and few other apps like battery booster, some chinese apps[not sure abt what's that] .... Theming doesnot include all parts of OS just the homescreen .. :( But is that all?? I was thinking that it's having a fully featured revamped android UI like MIUI.. Anyway, thanks for sharing..
  2. Thanks buddy!!! Gonna try it tonight!! Will report back...
  3. Take your time mate... new developer coming soon with new gooddies... good luck
  4. Buddy but hav u tried contacting trip thru twitter? He's most active on his twitter, and these days he's mostly active on twitter..
  5. I respect your feelings, but dude if u share your work, we will taste the DX OS thing little early... And Many other users are there who will love your work... If you can share your work, that would be sexy thing for Sensation..
  6. Good ROM but flickering screen issue is there.. As all AOSP builds have already fixed that [Tripndroid, opensensation etc]. I think you forgot to include the fix...
  7. HD recording's working perfectly with my Sensation. Just now tried recording for 2 minutes, and no such reboots was experienced. But, Battery drain is a bad point for this ROM. I keep on loosing 10% battery every 30 min.
  8. +1. That's not working in any of the betas i think. Without themed-fonts working, themes feel [sort-of] incomplete
  9. -No BOOTLOOPS finally.. -Supersmooth -Faster -BlueTooth doesnot even turn on!!!
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