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  1. Blackjack II, WinMo 6.5 I'm using Slick messenger (connecting to 5 different clients). It seems to drain my battery from full to zero in about 8 - 10 hours. I'm sure this is part of having it check for updates so often. I'm wondering if there's any hack or any way to tell Slick to update less often, like once every 10 or 30 minutes?
  2. paulieweb

    i617/i616 WM 6.5 ROM Discovered!

    Hello. I just upgraded my bjii to winmo 6.5. It works nicely except for one thing - programs don't stay open on their own. They "minimize" and the home screen pops up after 10 seconds, unless I'm continuously hitting buttons or scrolling the wheel. I'm not sure what settings to change to fix this. I would like programs to stay open and in the front unless I personally end them or hit 'end' to go to the home screen. Anyone know?

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