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  1. Ako se nekim slucajem nekom zgadila Facebook za android aplikacija, evo resenja: http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/app-facebook-browser-t2864561

  2. I enjoy this lovely rom but Google Services are just ruining the effort of enjoying it. Tried: http://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-one/general/guide-google-play-services-battery-t2832525 But nothing helps, 6 hours a day max
  3. Jesenja setnja, sa sve kisom.

  4. Editing build.prop with wifi.supplicant_scan_interval=180 pm.sleep_mode=1 ro.ril.disable.power.collapse=0 made screenoff battery usage perfect, maybe this info will help somebody else also.
  5. Instagram works a little bit slowly but acceptable, I think zRAM is already pre-enabled on your ROM. Facebook is a Hog on far better device, even on my other phone L9 II works a little bit chunky. Best regards
  6. Nope thanks :), this ROM is by far the best for G510, the problem is in device low memory and I just hate reseting memory settings just for Facebook, it's a lot easier just to install Friendcaster instead of Facebook apk and enjoy this fluid ROM :)
  7. Using Facebook or Instagram on this ROM brings word pain to a new level. Posting anything cost 10 minutes of your life, is there any chance anything can be done. Slim and stock weren't so costly to the user nerves.
  8. google play error when installing any app: rpc:s-7:aec-7 - deleted account / re adding -> nothing - Installing new google play, and google play services, then restart -> nothing - Wiping cache data, dalvik from TWRP -> nothing Is there anything it can be done, or should I go back to 10.1 by Fonz? Thanks
  9. Umorili smo se, cekamo mamu da plati

  10. Great news, will updated KGSL have impact on your already game friendly rom?
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