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  1. I really hooe this will be updated so soon, miss the extra's:(
  2. Yeah its working(:and tried francos ine but it didnt boot for me;)
  3. Np brother, did you get the 52mhz to work. The kernel is very nice, but i cant get to the low clocks:(
  4. Bricked is running perfectly fine boys' running it right now
  5. Awhyeah! I was there all the time too! X10 war, sensation and now one x :D
  6. Its so nice! No more data problems, no more colorbanding problems and we can add themes!
  7. Anybody also have the colorbanding issues? This one have the least of the problem but its still there D:
  8. I cant get the camera working on new build with boot.img, cleared its cache, its jpeg and not raw, and i see alot of colourbanding issues in the rom, my foto's arent sharp anymore brother, but the rest is running like an king keep it up!
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