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  1. Wallpaper on home screen is very nice! How can i set up this for lock screen wall paper?
  2. Great I would try if it possible:)
  3. Use Virtual data cable apk from Market (WiFi connection)
  4. I think Blue use the new config
  5. Thanks later today i will test it. I am curious Skype working.or :) Have you some Hidden contact? :)))) Now i go to clean the snow & after begin the Miui process.
  6. Hi Blue! Are You try with the new kernel?
  7. There are the link I download:) Sent from my HTC Sensation!
  8. I flashed the new radio when is out i get random reboot as well:)
  9. We must wait for next update I have often reboot when i using browser.
  10. My browser sometimes reboots the phone: ( Sent from my HTC Sensation!

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