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  1. Hello :-)   [url=http://sendbox.fr/pro/55h9hvzcodjz/Infusion-B944-G300-B06-FINAL.zip.html]Infusion-B944-G300-B06-FINAL.zip - 208.7 MB[/URL]
  2. Ok sorry! I wondered if CM10 JB was stable and usable without problems compared to ICS! :blush: Or ICS is better?
  3. Is CM10 JB (Dazzozo) is good and is what can move apps to SD card? I'm on V13 Slim ICS and I would change but if it's better! Thank you! Sorry for my bad language lol!
  4. I've the Rom but a bit modified ... if it does not bother you ... I've added notifications/ringtones and change the mms app I must put in the upload
  5. I calibrated the battery and it's good, thank you! GPS is good too, great! Thank you for this Rom! :D
  6. Thank you! No, with the V7 Slim, the battery held long! I'll try to calibrate it and see if it holds better!
  7. Hello, My husband has long had the B895-slim-v7 on G300, but the GPS is bad, so I installed this Rom and the battery drains quickly, is this normal? thank you And, The addon Circle Battery B895 runs on this ROM?
  8. Ah ok, I see, thanks! I've never activated! The battery is consumed quickly under Infusion, it consumes less under CM9?
  9. Only Slim is fast on my G300, others are slow, and the WiFi is a long turn on CM9! <_< But I love to put themes, I'll try again CM9! :P I've never tried above, CM10 is fast? :blush:
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