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  1. Rusty! You are not comic. Everybody understood me René. I don't consider a possibility for your understand anyway.
  2. René, you really didn't understand what I mean. Anyway, thank you for your suggestions.
  3. Aaaww, thank you. Titanium is a very successful application but it only backs up and restores all staff. I tried it as well it successfully restores but the all apps remain under the downloaded applications. I categorize my apps and I searc an app that restore them under the catogories.
  4. I tried mybackup pro latest version but it s*** on my phone. While restoring the apps and data the phone rebooted. After reboot only 15 apps were restored I tried it again but now it was the same.
  5. René Klunder, This is not what I want and ask for. It is out of question. In addition, I do not use CMnightlies and will never use.
  6. Spuide, thanks your suggestion but I already know that option. However, as you said it does a noandroid backup. ın other words It all bacup the android system, that is ROM. I do not the application to backup the system. Just the all settings of system and apps. I search such an application because I offen change my ROM and since I categorized my apps as I mentioned above, I do not want to reorganize them after each ROM installation.
  7. Hi everybody, do you know an android application that backup and restore all the current status of your phone? For example the system settings, SMS, MMS, APNs and the most important, the applications that we categorized such as system tools, multimedia, games, TVs & radios. In short, I search an application just like the windows's system restoring tool. I am awaiting your suggestions please...
  8. Can someone explain thow to flash that rom correctly? I tried it several times it performed flashing but after flash phone doesn't start. What do I do wrong?
  9. I want to flash ROM and baseband. I put the gr3 zip file as update.zip on external sd card and then with rom manager CWM recoried into boot. It writed rom and then it doesnot start keeps restarting
  10. Could anyone tell me how to flash that using ClockWorkMode? I tried once but it deleted everything exept flash it.
  11. Thanks to NVFlash I recovered my O2X. It is not booted into recovery mode but with this program and instructions. I saved my phone!! Thank you djmcnz!!!
  12. Thank you guys!!! With NVFlash I recoveried it. It installed LG V10B but it is not problem I will upgrade it now. :)
  13. Thanks brother but I cant do nothing with that. I cant open the phone so I cant put this files into system folders.
  14. Hello Anil, I cant boot into recovery. When I pressed volume down and power buttons it should display the software upgrading screen i did it before. But know it shows a picture and it consists a free package and an android amblem as you see in picture. I have installed Euro Open Rom "BIN_LGP990AT-00-V10d-NEU-XXX-JUL-25-2011+0" and as baseband "Baseband 1035.21_20110725" There were no problem with the phone until now but but this font program destroyed it. Now I tried to flash it with Smartflash but since the phone always reboots Smartflash cannot recognize and see the com ports. So I cant flash. I tried LG Mobile Upgrade tool and searched for an update it informed that there is an update for phone i pressed upgrade but since the phone reboots, connection is lost with the phone. I tried again again but connection always lost so I cant upgrade. Are there a solution to get my phone again please? :(
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