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  1. I use Beyond Pod. It's pretty good. There is a free version (I think) and a paid version. They also have a dedicated tablet version. Well worth checking out.
  2. Mine is scratched a bit on the back but the front seems ok. Nothing to get too hot under the collar about. I tried the bumper but it was hideous.
  3. Mine is back to being naked. The bumper is just fugly.
  4. I can confirm that the Nokia plate works fine with the N4. I've stuck mine on a few in CPW without any problem.
  5. Sky Go has been causing all sorts of headaches for Android users who aren't running stock, supported devices. They seem very determined to stop access to any device which isn't supported or which has been tampered with in any way. Luckily, the didn't count on MoDaComan! This is the missing link in my Android world so I really hope it can be cracked.
  6. After hearing some horror stories about how fragile the Nexus 4 was, I thought I'd try one of the Google bumpers. Unlike the phone, the bumpers were in stock back in November and so I ordered one on 2 day delivery. After a fairly torturous experience with Google Play Store support I was told that it had finally been dispatched on 7th December and it duly arrived this morning. I've taken a few pictures of the case and the phone with the bumper on I can't say that I'm all that impressed. The bumper feels very plasticy despite the faux metal band running around it. It is also quite a loose fit. The iPhone bumper has a much nice rubbery feel and is satisfyingly hard to get on and off. It does raise the glass back off the surface when laid flat but would probably still slide off sloping surfaces, if you are careless enough to put it on one of those! My main issue, though, is that it adds too much width to the phone. With the bumper on it is 74mm whereas it is 68mm naked. That's a lot of extra width, especially as the phone actually feels less grippy than it does without the case. I don't know really how fragile the phone is. I had my first drop this weekend when it fell down the back of the water cooler at the gym. It survived that unscathed despite bouncing off the radiator pipes and hitting a solid floor. Overall, I can't see me keeping this on the phone, even though it does offer a good degree of additional protection to the back and edges.
  7. Bluetooth is a real mystery to me. My GNex was very flaky but the 4 is rock solid for me.
  8. Thanks for that. Took a bit of fiddling getting a new bake on to the device but removing the circle battery meter worked a treat!
  9. I've had three random reboots. The phone goes back to the nexus logo and reloads. Once or twice I've had an issue with the Wi-Fi. I'm in range of a known router but the phone reports that it is not available. I have to switch WiFi on and off to get it to connect. Can be quite slow to reconnect to mobile network when coming back into coverage. I.e when coming up from the tube. Generally though it has been great. Very fast and nice in the hand. A big upgrade on the galaxy nexus.
  10. Looking forward to the update. Interesting to hear about instability on stock 4.2 I'm running stock on my nexus 4 and had a random reboot this morning. Bluetooth is rock solid though compared to 4.1.1 on my galaxy nexus.
  11. I'll give it a go as soon as I get the chance
  12. OK, I give up! I've looked very carefully and I can't see the "restore defaults" button anywhere. No doubt it is really obvious, just not to me :) I'm browsing in Safari on a Mac.
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