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  1. +1. LOL that was good. But on a serious note, isn't a given the MIUI is based on cm coding?
  2. yea especially for you. you do nothing but pollute the forums with ignorance.
  3. Why can't all of this just be stopped? Who cares about the fact you were banned or why? Who cares why they got the breaks and you didnt? Right now no one can duplicate your work, so how about you work on YOUR work and say **** everyone else? Is that so hard?
  4. I got a working MIUI camera apk, Im running on YOUR ROM Trip.
  5. Trip, Just lock all your files and do what you gotta do. If you feel delaying the release will send the message you want, then so be it. Do what you gotta do. Thanks,
  6. Really? I don't think there is one person in this entire thread who has EVER had an issue with BT on this ROM. Come on man just read 2 pages.
  7. You asking to spam this forum does nothing to solve any of the issues that might arise between these two. Instead of creating further horse caka for both forums, you should just leave it at what you found in the audio libs and let Trip deal with the rest. Quit acting like a 4 year old, let the devs deal with this in proper fashion. Trip I support your work and feel you should be given credit where it is due, but this public slamming of Devs crap is getting real old and has got to stop.
  8. Soon enough the thread on XDA will be shut down like all the other ones. A simple mention of Trip of XDA will do this. Trip you are awesome.
  9. try looking through the themes and apps section of sensation forum at XDA, I think i saw one there.
  10. Simply fantastic work. You are great, and everyone will benefit!
  11. Im sure that even if the stock .apk wont work out of the gate, there will be a modded one that will. But any reason in particular it wouldnt work out the gate?
  12. I don't think he meant it as a put down. Just simply to many demands to sift through. Still some of the ebst stuff on Android is achieved there. Only a few bad apples in the sensation forum.

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