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  1. I ask the same please. I want to have 180system / 274data / 2cache like this TPT G1-G2 v10f (which I know I wont work with my Chinese Unicom 256MB RAM ZTE Blade. Please some who could help us?
  2. Hi, I've been using this rom for some months now and I wanted to say Thanks for it. It makes my damn 256MB Chinese ZTE Blade usable. Now, is there anything I can make to make it faster? Even with Eco CM7 the phone is slow, like, really slow. jventura: will you make any updates for this rom? Could you make some optimizations regarding RAM and CPU usage? Im sure Im not the only one with a 256MB RAM ZTE Blade. Thanks again!
  3. I tested 21/05/2013 version and my Unicom Chinese ZTE Blade with 256mb and I gotta say its really great. Thanks for all your hard work! It works better than official CM7!!!
  4. Wow thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for! Could you explain how to apply this image.bin on my ZTE Blade V880 Chinese Unicom phone?
  5. Hi, please help me cause I cant install Recovery Clockwork on my Unicom ZTE Blade. 1. I installed z4root and did a permanent root. 2. I use the dialer to and enter engineer code : *983*87274# and access the usb switch test, press "All functions". Superuser ask me for confirmation. 3. I install RecoveryManager_v0.37b.zip 4. When opening RecoveryManager it closes. And Im sure its rooted. What can I do? Thanks!
  6. Thank you all. Someone in XDA forums handed me U8800H V100R001C00B136CUSTC38D001 (Malaysia MAXIS) and flashed it with no problems. Good that I did not flash U8800 firmware....
  7. I confirm that I have a U8800H bought there in Merimobiles. Its expensive, but its unlocked/sim free. Well, lets go back to topic. Im willing to test a U8800 firmware if someone could help me how can I recover to U8800H stock firmware in case things go bad.
  8. I thought someone was going to help me.... I bought it in www.merimobiles.com, its quadband and unlocked. Its U$S 259.
  9. Hi, as nobody ansewer yet, I found out they U8800 & U8800H are not firmware interchangeable. So Im on the quest of finding out the latest and best firmware for U8800H, and it appears that this one U8800H V100R001C00B136CUSTC38D001 (Malaysia MAXIS) is the correct one. The problem is that I cant download it anywhere (the links are invalid or down). Could someone help me please?
  10. Hi, i recently bought a Huawei U8800H in Hong Kong, and wanted to know if there are any updated official firmware english or spanish, because its filled with bugs and many many thing in chinese (despite changing lagauage on the phone). My phone has this firmware: U8800H V100R001HKGC104B135 Can I put any U8800/U8800H firmware on it? Are U8800/U8800H interchangable? If not, which i sthe lastest most standard global/english firmware for U8800H? Thanks!
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