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  1. does this have crt animation and does the browser randomly closes like the virtuous rom?
  2. would love to see crt added and can you please add the gapps addon zip to the op? thanks trip, really enjoying your hard work
  3. i got that thread to be closed, dont want anybody to be stealing trips work and taking credit for it.
  4. you need to build off of this for miui right? since miui is basically based off the aosp frameworks and etc
  5. appears as zooming is working from the image. guess we can scratch camera off that list great work trip, keep teasing us! (:
  6. sorry, but i thought it was dev related because something we are trying to get to work was the camera and i was just wondering whether it would be usable or not. anyways merry christmas to you too
  7. dont flame me if im wrong or anything, but wouldnt the aosp camera from a specific rom on a certain thread work on this rom?
  8. sounds great, but can you share how youre getting this information? dont see it on his twitter page yet
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