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  1. TripNRaVeR i want to try to make my own a language pack for this rom..i have done this for MIUI Gb..but i have a question.. I have to decompile all apks and framework put xml of my language ..delete rsrc and recompile and sign..my question is: how can i add italian option to the rom so the phone read my language xml and not English..?? Juast an other question: Is there a way to make the translation easier without decompiling all..??
  2. Trip thanks for your great work on CM9 and MIUI V4.. Can you please add multilanguage in MIUI V4 as in MIUI Gingerbread..?? Thanks in advance Cheers
  3. I really prefer MIUI V4 to CM9..so Trip i'm waiting for an other your great work :)
  4. Now we waiting for MIUI V4 and then we will have all ICS Rom for our Sensation (Sense, Aosp, CM9, MIUI V4).. Just some fixes in Trip AOSP and CM9 :)
  5. Thanks Trip..!! Without you Sensation modding was poor.. You're a great developper :)
  6. TripNRaVeR with the last 3.24 (hboot 1.27 unlocked by revolutionary) we can't boot Gingerbread based Rom.. This firmware you made can boot Gingerbread Rom..?? If not..can you do anything to make it possible..?? Cheers Edit: Tried by miself..Gingerbreag based Roms boot right with TripFirmware
  7. Trip First i want to tell you thank you for your great work on Sensation..second i want to say again that you're the best developper.. and finally i can't wait for release :)..also i like the idea of an unofficial CM9 by you because honestly i'm really annoying to wait for people that said CM9 is ready since a few time yet and don't release it.. so good work Trip..i hope you'll continue in this way for our Sensation..
  8. Also my phone after 10 min shows android bootscreen..i pulled out battery and turn on the phone again.. then Android upgrade applications and starts correctly
  9. Anyone has power option problem..??when i press turn off or reboot nothing happens..
  10. On my phone Gmail works..open it fist time FC ..open it again works right..
  11. Can anyone try if this camera works right on TripNiCE..?? Here the link -->> Camera
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