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  1. Looks great, but Ill wait for reviews and aviability on store to try it myself...
  2. Is kitchen still running? Ive seen that today was relased new nightly of CM7 so I went here and done my bake, but links are not coming :-( (Have checked all folders)
  3. looks beautifull. But I am not sure about 4.7 inch display, isnt it too much for phone? And what about LGs software support...:-(
  4. At beginning I want to say thank you Paul. The ROM is really great and with Toggle 2G it is very energy efficient. Very smooth in launcher. What to say, I am enjoying your work very much :) There is only one "problem" for me, maybe it would be better to call it question... ;) I am running GR5 (baked in kitchen)+Stock Kernel+0725 V20l baseband. Rom runs great and baterry is pretty nice. But I am having problems with RAM. HD games seems less fluid than on older ROMs and Opera cant last in memory during for example SMS reading, so its starting again and again. My FreeRAM is always between 90 and 50 MB, which is not very much. Anybody has diferrent Memory Management behavior? Paul, R u planning to build some more efficient ROM or you will stay at GR5 since there will be some new files from LG? Thank you all very much for any information.
  5. No, it stays on latest software u flashed, like if you buy it with 2.3 You will get clean phone running Android 2.3.... And of course i meaned factory reset. (still having winmo terminology in my head :D) But of course you can try custom rom FR19, GR4 or GR5. But its not that easy and its always on your own risk...
  6. I think that something went wrong. Have you tryed Hard Reset? Maybe it could solve your problem. But dont forget to backup all your data, apps and so ;) My phone runs smoother on 2.3 than on 2.2
  7. Good news, but in the time of GR4 and relased ICS its not that exciting asit can be for example in summer. Personally, i will stay with GR4 and wait what will Paul do with that...
  8. Yes, it is really bad from LG. IMO LGO2X is much better hw than SGS2 and i love ita build. But software and support sucks. Ill take a look after some motorola or nexus next time. Hope that samsung will increase hw build quality in the future. I hate lg for that. I was early adopter an big fan of lgo2x but there wont be LG phone in my pocket when i leave it...
  9. New version is on Market now! After update it is working propperly :-)
  10. Hi all, I have just tried to install Shadowgun on my LG Optimus 2X with MCR GR4. App was sucesfully installed from market. But when it tries download files for game. it crashes after download of first file. When it accidentally skipped first file, then other 3 ones were downloaded ok, but then after 1. file redownload it crashes again :-( Anny othe experiences or solution for this problem? Thank you
  11. Can anybody tell me why is it that FlashPlayer11 doesnt support Tegra HW acceleration if Flash Player can do that? It doesnt bother me on youtube, but few times I wanted to play some series on megavideo etc, and now i know why i cant do that :-(
  12. I have some issue with data conection. all of them (no matter if I am on wifi or 3G) When i switch my phone ON, wifi pops up but stays gray. and then its not working, signal indicator is changing when i move around a room but data wont come thru. Same situation on 3G. Sometimes it help to switch to standby and ON again, sometimes I had to reboot. Anybody knows how to sove that bug? Using one of first builds of GR3 from kitchen, Neoblaze Kernel, 725 Gingerbread baseband and GPS fix from kitchen. And of course I am having that long boot problem and, but i wouldnt mind if i dont need to reboot ;)
  13. I have battery drain issue. And Maps are always on top of batery usage...Even if I havent started it, Maps app seems to starts on its own :-/ Anny idea (i hope its my fault) btw, not logged in latitude of course. And USB thetering still not working (even after instalation of drivers posted few posts up)
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