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  1. Hello guys! Rookie question here: Is this related in any way with our ROM?
  2. Welcome back tillaz! I'm happy again! Perfect work (as always). Only one note: DSP Manager is missing.
  3. Hi Tillaz :-) First of all thank you for the great work! I am testing almost every ROMs out there and at the end I'm always back to FusionX. It is very sad that you stopped the development, I wish to see the FusionX with the latest update (B197). I think this will be the perfect ROM. P.S. Settings in fusionX / miscellaneous triggers the GravityBox in which I can't find anything about lockscreen.
  4. Not an option, other ROMs (FusionX, B194 - V1.6 Final 8.9.2013) have been installed fine through Lewa. I had the same issue with CM 10.1, but there was a replacement files (updater binary and updater script) and everything was OK. By the way CM 10.1 is a great ROM, the only drawback was/is the battery drain.
  5. Error on install through Lewa Recovery 2.2 :-( Any suggestions?
  6. Hi tillaz! Great work! Big respect and big thanks for your efforts. Will try to help as much as I can - only with feedback (I'm not a developer). I've Installed it some hours ago, very impressive - smooth, fast and stable. Only one issue to the moment - force close when try to open settings on Callendar aplication. P.S. Can't find the FM Radio and Notes app.
  7. SD Card is OK! I have 2 partitions - 3Gb FAT32 & 1 Gb Ext2, using Link2SD. From five of days I'm with 14.5. (Continuation of KonstaT's work) and no problem at all.
  8. No Bruno, you are not the only one. I'm experiencing the same problem with my 4Gb Apacer in random occasions (when transfering music from my laptop, when saving photos from my camera, bluetooth tranfers and etc.) I was about to think that my SD is failing.
  9. Great work! This is the best ROM I've ever tasted! Stable, fast and batery merciful! Sad to admit but this (ICS) is the end destination for our Blades. All JB sucks on my Blade. Big thanks for your efforts. Keep up the good work!
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