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  1. Awesome work Zee but can you please add voice recognition from google that's the prime feature of 4.4 and we don't have it. And It seems incomplete without it please do us a favor and make our blade unforgetable one please................................. :)
  2. i have dell xcd 35 which is 2nd gen phone which have 844 mhz arm v6 processor and 512 mb ram. Ram is working good but when i put the processors clock to above 750 mhz via performance control its restart the device please help me i have peformance issues on my new 4.2.2 Root box rom please
  3. sagar mankar

    Penta T-Pad ws802c 2g Rom

    hello devs i have zte blade and i have paranoid android's custom rom 4.2.2 with halo for it. its awesome rom. i liked it very much. now i purchased penta's T-Pad WS802C 2G tablet here is the spec's 1.2 ghz cortex A8 processor with android 4.0.4 1 gb DDR3 Ram vivanate corporation's GC800 Graphics engine open GL ES 2.0 8 inch capacitive touch display 0.3 mega pixel camera 3 axis Accelerometer, magnetic field sensor, oriantation sensor & proximity & light sensor i install lots of hd games like Dungeon Hunter 4 & Iron man 3 but they don't work i don't know why but i want a custom rom for it with latest 4.2.2 with halo & pie fetures and almost HD games running with no errors please help me dude's ......................................... P L E A S E H E L P........
  4. sagar mankar

    Paranoid Android for Blade?

    paranoid android looks awesome man our blade will glow with it (hopefully sources will be released quickly)
  5. An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.

  6. Go for samsung galaxy tab its good actually too good. Buy it & enjoy.
  7. sagar mankar

    Dell Aero update please

    dear friends, i have just brought new dell aero and it has android 1.7 & its quite boring i want to update it but there is nothing on internet that how to update it & dell is also not supporting official update please help and give me 2.2 or 2.3 update for it i've heard lot about the modaco so please help please.......................................

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