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  1. no i was extracting the acer_ug to the root of sd that used to give an error and when i try to go in recovery mode it blocks on acer logo at boot
  2. hi i'm trying to install t_l_Metal_2.3.4_final.zip when i extract it, it has a img but no bin or whatsoever the other method is not working (blocks at sd mode) so trying this .... but no idea what to do
  3. hi not sure what this file serves but its 404 at the moment :(
  4. on step #4 i get "sd image download procedure failed....SIGNATURE_MISMATCH" and can't seem to find anything on google :( if i skip that step, in recovery more i stay blocked on Acer logo
  5. trying that but it stays on acer logo whenever i boot in recovery more :(
  6. hi i'm trying to find a tutorial on how to put this rom on the acer and have not found anything could someone please guide me to a post that details a how-to: much appreciated
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