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  1. Hi, this my first Rom for the HTC One X, I build AOKP with the Device Tree from TripNRaVeR because I like AOKP more but I had to modify it a bit to compile AOKP. Source: I made changes for AOKP to them but this what I worked with... Device Configuration - https://github.com/TripNRaVeR/android_device_htc_endeavoru Vendor - https://github.com/TripNRaVeR/android_vendor_htc_endeavoru Kernel - https://github.com/TripNRaVeR/tripnbricked-endeavoru AOKP - https://github.com/AOKP Bugtracker: https://github.com/d...ndeavoru/issues Bugs: - Stock Camera is streched - Wifi Tethering is not working Source Code: Device Configuration - https://github.com/d...e_htc_endeavoru Vendor - https://github.com/d...r_htc_endeavoru Thanks to TripNRaVer and intrepresentation! Support Team Kang and spread their Rom's and Donate to their Devs at http://aokp.co/ Donate to CM (AOKP is a Fork of CM9) - http://forum.cyanogenmod.com/donate/ Download: searching for Mirrors (I have a terrible Internet Connection!) Alpha 1.2 : Mirrors: Mediafire - http://www.mediafire...zz14r6f5ybjecz1 old 1.1 Mediafire - http://www.mediafire...kura5kap71u77vl G-Apps - http://goo.im/gapps/...0429-signed.zip You have to extract the boot.img out of the zip file and flash it via "fastboot flash boot boot.img" in Fastboot Mode. You can also use any other Kernel you want... Changelog: Alpha 1.0 - Initial Release Alpha 1.1 - GPS fixed, Phone.apk configured to fix echo Alpha 1.2 - build with Trips Device Tree, fixes a lot bugs... echo,camera focusing... Regards, the|Gamer - buy me, TripNRaVeR and intrepresentation a beer if you like our work!
  2. So you dont release the Source, can you merge the Cam fixes from CM9? Because AOKP rocks more than CM9!
  3. Hey! I love Android because of Open Source, I want to compile the ROM on my Phone myself because isn't that cool? Sayin "Hey the Software on my Phone... I compiled it myself!" That is no Criminal, thats what many people do with their Linux PC :) I compiled a Rom for my Motorola Defy, it is just awesome :)
  4. Hmm... why are you angry that quick? It was just a little conversation with two diffrent sights, that what bullet boards are made for... discussions about stuff... makes him not that sympathetic to me...
  5. When do you want to release it? I swear I will not post it to XDA-Developers, I swear! I just want to compile it my own, why don't you release the Source? AOKP Rom is Open Source!
  6. Is the Source Available? I want to compile and tweak it a bit! :)
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