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  1. No new version of Android either?
  2. 34GB 4G? Something we don't know about? Better posting this in the 3G forum however it should work with stock android. It's the carriers that disable the hotspot on devices. I'll try with mine at some point although not sure why you'd need a hotspot on the 3G tablet
  3. Well after my old WiFi Nexus 7 having numerous issues with charging and reporting battery status I'm now on this forum.. hello 3G :D
  4. Looks like a part of the phone to me. I'd get one no question
  5. I'm not sure Paul guarantees it'll be every Friday, some times things will come up, other times he'll update it mid week if there's an important fix.
  6. After coming back from Asus following a repair I tried to unlock and root but faced an screen prompting me to enter my password to unlock the storage. If you face this use fastboot erase userdate Massive thanks to Paul for this!
  7. Easiest is to restore from nandroid and start again or fast boot I think to push the files across
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