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  1. Hello H3ROS, I would love to try this ROM, were you able to find your backup and reupload somewhere? Or does anyone else have a download link?
  2. Open it with 7zip and delete whatever you don't need, you can find guides on google for this, there's even a list of what is save to remove and what not. Don't have any links for you right now. http://forums.androidcentral.com/optimus-v-rooting-roms-hacks/156703-guide-apks-their-purpose-safe-not-remove-big.html
  3. Hi Fagyi, Thanks for the reply. I was on 195 MB system and now used tpt helper to go to 220MB. Wifi is not working for me either, I also had some problems with the home button not working, but that was probably because I was on 195 MB with a trimmed version of your ROM and gapps (Removed tts, bootanimation, lockclock) but even then 195 was filled 100%. Eagerly waiting for your new build!
  4. @ Fagyi & everyone using the latest update, how big is your system partition? When I unzip the rom and Gapps, you need system with 260MB.... :-( I have too many apps to be able to instal this.
  5. If you don't know what SFR is you need to download the other one. I believe SFR is a French version of the skate. I have tried the latest version and it seems the Rom with gapps needs 230 mb.
  6. Take a look in the sticky http://www.modaco.com/topic/344820-09-aug-clockworkmod-recovery-4014-unofficial-modaco-edition-for-the-zte-skate/page-6#entry2080748
  7. Yes it is possible, I have posted a link to such a zip in the cwm sticky thread, it should be on the last page of that thread. Edit: Here is the link to my post: http://www.modaco.com/index.php?/topic/344820-09-Aug:-ClockworkMod-Recovery-
  8. It pairs with my bleutooth handsfreekit in the car, but not with my computer.. I can't get the layout I want with the default launcher, switched from trebuchet (4.1 PA) to nova launcher.
  9. In link2sd you can relink dalvik-cache. BTW do you have the auto link messages turned off?
  10. Here is the installable zip file for Razzmataz's version of ClockWorkmod, http://dl.dropbox.co...date_signed.zip Credits to the guy who created the zip file for and Razzmataz for CWM To get in recovery mode with CWM 5 or newer you need to press vol+ and home. If you don't use home, you won't be able to navigate.
  11. You have a bad download, download via GooManager, it will check the md5sum for you. I had no problems installing. BTW as the CM update script formats system, you don't have to do much when updating. Just flash the rom and gapps.
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