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  1. hey idrak you delete all file on ....hklm\security\phone and intall i8000 dialer.cab
  2. hi guys ı m from turkey and my english is terrible my phone is gt i 8000 and my rom is MS Team cookie 2.0 and ı dont video call this rom because its dialer skin doesnt have camera box ı install another dialer cab and its look video box but itsnt see phone book its white and white can you help me for this problem
  3. hi friends how can ı use video call on MS Team Cookie 2.0 ROM for OMNIA II.Dec 10.29022 rom if some one video called me or ı video call some one ı cant see video :( how can ı used it this rom?
  4. hi my friends ı used your rom MS Team Cookie 2.0 ROM for OMNIA II.Dec 10.29022 ı wanna video call but ı cant it if some one called me video call ı cant see how can ı video call this rom

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