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  1. Huh, It has been a long time since last time I checked this post. Here you go the working links: Z3 Rom: http://db.tt/rXdIxOeq Kernel for Z3: http://minus.com/mbe0tmW4wq#1f Also edited first post with the working links
  2. Since today I own a LG Optimus Black and I've sold my Skate. Thanks all people for your help, without you I could have never unlocked my Skate or flashed new roms.
  3. bassically search for versions for amv6 devices with the same screen resolution as the Skate: 480x800
  4. it can run all HD Games that are compatible with armv6
  5. Dead Space works on armv6 devices, it also worked on ZTE Blade. There is no way to get armv7 apps working on armv6 devices
  6. this is enough: wipe data, wipe cache partition, advanced->wipe dalvik cache and format system
  7. Hi all, I got premission from Elitemovil (we are both from HTCMania Spanish forum) to post here his roms. Post translated to english by me. Hi friends, here it is the new (z3) rom, it's based on the official ZTE unbranded 2.3.5 [GB_THU_P743V1.0.0B01], of course modified with tweaks to improve performance, added Darktremor scripts for APP2SD, OC kernel from 23 November for improved performance, using swap, supporting ext4, improved battery life, an Bluetooth problems fixed. (SWAP 128/256 necessary to improve performance using virtual RAM in some cases) ;-) SOFTWARE / SYSTEM: - Android 2.3.5 (ZTE) - Kernel 2.6.35 OC 1'037 Ghz (Mod Tweaks) - Alarm with locked screen - Power Widgets included - Libraries (Updated) - ASD2GUI (Updated) - MMS (Zte) - NoFrills CPU (OC) (Updated) - ZTE Dialer (Zte) - Contactos (Zte) - Docs To Go - ICS Clock - Market - Taskmanager - File Manager (Updated) - Launcher - Youtube - Radio FM (Zte) - K-9 Mail (Updated) - Navigation - SuperUser (Updated) - Google Translator (Updated) - Maps (Updated) - HuaweiBackup CAPTURAS: Uploaded with ImageShack.us ------- HOW TO: IMPROVE BATTERY LIFE ------- All of this is based on the way I use the phone. 1º Always use 2G networks because for using Whatsapp, mail, etc it's enough. - Settings - Networks - Mobile Networks - (Actiivate) Use only 2G Networks. 2º I always update manually the Market, Mail or Contacts. - Account Settings - (Deactivate) Data reference. 3º Desactivate GPS on the notification bar. 4º Desactivate screen animations and use automatic brightness. 5º I use the processor at normal speed and minimum of 245Mhz. 6º Use Battery Calibrator from Market (following the instructions) and battery at 100%. ----- Installation tutorial. -----Go to ClockWorkMod, do Wipe data/factory reset, Wipe cache, then advanced -> Wipe Dalvik Cache and if battery is at 100% do Wipe Battery Status, if we don't have ext3 partition let's do it: Advanced, partition SD Card, select 512MB or 1GB and Swap of 128MB or 256MB (Remember to copy after this the ROM on your SD card: reboot recovery, connect the usb to your PC, go to mounts and storage->usb storage, copy the rom and then unmount), after doing that, select the rom .zip to install and wait till it's finished. Then do reboot system now and wait until the phone boots. Important: after finishing the installation, open NoFrills CPU, select your desired maximum speed (I use it at 883Mhz) and put as Governor: Smartass2 and IO: sio. (You will get great performance with long battery life). When mobile is ready and in launcherpro homescreen, press menu->preferences->restore backup->yes. (This is an Optimization for the Launcher). ==================================================================== New Kernel Optimized for (z3) [13/12/11] here (link by Fabiasport) (z3) Rom Download (128/256 SWAP necessary) [24/11/11] here. (link by tuane) MD5: 647f7eec3811b60ffe777e257c1dc87b ===================================================================== New kernel for (z1) [17/11/11] here. (z1) Rom Download (64MB SWAP necessary)[16/11/11] here. MD5: 3c7dcc5f646d0f29b7cffab10b236189 Regards..
  8. ZTE could have mounted the 1 GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 Snapdragon with Adreno 205 (like Ideos X5 Pro or ZTE Warp from USA) and we would have an armv7 with all apps working and we could play latest hd games, but instead of that they put an 800Mhz armv6 and we get the Skate...
  9. i was wondering if there is any way or system file that can be changed in oder to wake up the skate using the menu key without needing to press power key
  10. Mine fell about 1 meter (a bit more than 3 Feet) and there weren't any damage
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