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  1. VenâncioFerreira

    Android Marshmallow coming to Ultra 6

    Nougat is impossible for the same reason Nexus 5 did not receive it also. Minimum requirements are OpenGL ES 3.1 or Vulkan. Snapdragon 615 comes with support for OpenGL ES 3.0 and no support for Vulkan. So officially, its impossible for us to see Nougat in our phone.
  2. VenâncioFerreira

    VDF-995NB01-PT_MR02a (OS version 5.1). .

    The Smart Ultra is almost 100% pure stock android.
  3. VenâncioFerreira

    VDF-995NB01-PT_MR02a (OS version 5.1). .

    I have seen the post at Vodafone Portugal also. It can't be a mistake because the moderator said specifically "MR02a". But its weird that Android 6.0 is already out and Vodafone is going to give us 5.1.
  4. VenâncioFerreira

    No development yet

    You don't need a unlocked bootloader.
  5. VenâncioFerreira

    new model same specs ?

    You can also have Windows 32Bit in a 64Bit capable hardware. 8916 is the Quad Core Snapdragon 410. We have a Octa Core Snapdragon 615, which is the 8939.
  6. VenâncioFerreira

    New update - security updates - 13mb

    Can you guys run this app and check if its still vulnerable after this update? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zimperium.stagefrightdetector
  7. VenâncioFerreira

    What are the barriers to a CM 12.1 build?

    You would need a kernel that supports 64 Bit, and we don't have one. I don't think its possible to build one, unless Zte makes a update to 64 Bit and give us tyhe source code.
  8. VenâncioFerreira

    Stagefright Exploit

    Ok, i already received the update to the Smart Ultra, but we still have the exploit.
  9. VenâncioFerreira

    1.0.0B03 to 1.0.0B13 (MR01b) OTA URL / details

    But if someone makes a custom rom, like CM12.1, it will work with every country version?
  10. VenâncioFerreira

    1.0.0B03 to 1.0.0B13 (MR01b) OTA URL / details

    Does the UK version works also for other countrys? For example, my version is VDF-995NB01-PT02c Link to it: http://www.ztedevice.com/support/3738868b-0ab2-42b1-89e5-8851f241bc85.html?type=software
  11. VenâncioFerreira

    Root and Bootloader discussion

    Well done guys

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