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  1. rafael_mfr

    Bricked phone, asked for QHSUSB_DLOAD driver

    Almost 2 weeks with my PF2 dead.. asus service center from Brazili did nothing, and ASUS from Switzerland don't answer me. I opened a thread on XDA also http://forum.xda-dev....php?p=39928058 So, no solution until now, right? edit ================================= Download QHSUSB_Drivers_(x64).zip and update drivers from Device Manager, it works and it will recognizes it as "Qualcomm HS-UDB QDLoader 9008 (COM3)" Download Qualcomm Product Support Tools (QPST) v.2.7.323
  2. rafael_mfr

    Superboot - Padfone 2 root solution

    What do you mean by "computer will ask you for the QHSUSB_DLOAD driver." ??? I'm (and many others) stuck on this state aparently for an unknow reason as you can see on this topic: http://www.modaco.com/topic/361374-bricked-phone-asked-for-qhsusb-dload-driver/ And there is no way to turn on the device. The only solution is to send it for tech assistance.
  3. rafael_mfr

    Bricked phone, asked for QHSUSB_DLOAD driver

    Everything was fine but once I reboot got the same error, phone stays "off" and only recognizes as QHSUSB_DLOAD on device manager. Is there a way to fix it or the only way is send to support center? I'm from Brazil and everything here is harder to do it. Phone was bought on December/2012 at Digitec (Switzerland) edit ====================================== Brazilian ASUS Support Center denied to give me support, they claim that only gives support to devices bought in Brazil for an official reseller. For now, I don't know what to do. I have a device which cost me almost 1000 swiss francs and had 5 months of life only. :~(
  4. rafael_mfr

    new firmware wwe

    I did exactly what you said and it works perfectly. - Put the OTA zip file in root of the device - Accept the message into notification bar - It reboot automatically to TWRP and flash the update by itself - Phone reboots and lost root also come back to stock recovery - Got root again using superboot-r1 script from Paul *For it's not recommended install TWRP again through GooManager and it's not support new kernel yet. According to "narutofma" user:
  5. rafael_mfr

    [RECOVERY] TWRP touch recovery [2013-02-26]

    I installed TWRP through GooManager. How can I revert to stock recovery? thanks in advance!
  6. rafael_mfr

    Superboot - Padfone 2 root solution

    why can't you share the guide here? that's the main purpose of the forum I guess. I'm under and would like to update to Also I'm using TWRP installed from GooManager. I appreciate if you can send me or even tells here the step-by-step. Thanks in advance!
  7. wait a few days and it will be released I guess.
  8. rafael_mfr

    Superboot - Padfone 2 root solution

    bad news, maybe you've bricked your device. which busybox did u installed? from where?
  9. rafael_mfr

    Superboot - Padfone 2 root solution

    Can u enter into fastboot mode? fastboot = Volume Up + Power button Or even in recovery? recovery = Volume Down + Power button)
  10. rafael_mfr

    PadFone Infinity

    I think exactly as you. 5" is large enough to use with only 1 hand, particularly I don't like it. read somewhere that even both connectors from PF2 and Infitinity are the same, if you try to insert PF2 into Inifinity station it will not gonna work properly.
  11. rafael_mfr

    [RECOVERY] TWRP touch recovery [2013-02-26]

    Wow! Finally first step was done! Now let's get custom rom shows begin!!! Thanks a lot! edit -------------------------------- twrp works smoothly
  12. rafael_mfr

    r1 - Customised recovery image for the Asus Padfone 2

    which fw are u using? Try to download directly from asus website and put into root of sdcard, phone will find automatically that you have an update available, click onto notification bar and let the phone update by itself. After that you looses root (if you already was), then just run superboot script from Paul again and you are updated and rooted.
  13. rafael_mfr

    r1 - Customised recovery image for the Asus Padfone 2

    maybe your drivers are not functional, try drivers from asus. does commands "adb devices" and "fastboot devices" recognizes your phone? before do any command it's a good practice double-check if your phone ir properly recognized. "adb devices" gives you a kind of random number when phone is connected "fastboot devices" gives you a '?' instead of the random numbers
  14. rafael_mfr

    Pre-MCR WWE ROM for the Padfone 2

    Try BetterBatteryStats app, then you can exactly know what is avoiding your phone into deep sleep. It's a paid app in GooglePlay but the developer it's available for free into XDA. Edit ------------------------------------------------------ I didn't see previous answer, sorry!
  15. rafael_mfr

    Deodexed WWE ROM for the Padfone 2

    you've to put this rom into root of internal sd card install modded recovery provided by paul go to recovery and 'choose zip from sdcard' (move with volume buttons and confirm by pressing power button) wait flash procedure and you're done.

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