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  1. Chris_67

    Bare back cover is boring!

    Me B) Actually I bought a piece of 3M Di-Noc Carbon Fibre film (approx. 10x20cm) for my Staraddict. Looks really slick & sexy!
  2. Chris_67

    Sold my Skate

    That's because of the .pfd You will not get a much better result with a faster device.
  3. Chris_67

    Best overall rom on skate

    Not really. CyanogenMod-ROM is based on open-source code. We won't get an official CM-ROM until the source-code of all modules is released as open-source.
  4. Chris_67

    Best overall rom on skate

    Because the Skate is not supported officially. The CM7-version we have here is an inofficial port done by tilal6991.
  5. - CM7 has DSP Manager - You can use google apps from here http://goo-inside.me...0828-signed.zip - Don't know about radio, I do not listen to music on my phone - GPS works (had a fix in about 5 seconds this morning!)
  6. I had this issue too: The phone asked for a network unlock, no matter what SIM I used. When I chose to ignore, everything worked fine. It was a known bug in one of the first CM7-ports from tilal6991. This has been fixed since. If you have CM7 on your phone, try the latest version.
  7. Chris_67

    Wallpaper Share

    Where are stored the system wallpapers?
  8. Most apps work, but some not. Mobo-Player for example doesn't. Worked on Stock, but with CM7 market keeps telling me that it's not compatible (after clean install of V3).
  9. Yeah, same here. Thought this was because of 2.3.7 (apps not compatible to this version?).
  10. Please verify and if it works, tell me how you did. Because for me it doesn't work with the stock player, nor does it with MX Video Player (with extra ARMv6-Codecs) @960MHz. I can hear the voice clearly, but I get 4-5 still frames.
  11. I can't ([email protected]). Could tihs be a player issue? Which player are you using? Btw. can't install Mobo-Player. Market pretends my phone isn't compatible. Could this be because the player is not compatible to Android 2.3.7?
  12. Chris_67

    OMC internal memory

    If you are permanently running out of space and are not willing to remove some apps, you should follow these instructions.
  13. Chris_67

    Problem with ZTE Skate

    Most of the ROMs (i'd rather suppose all) can be switched to english. Please read (and try to understand) the thread mentioned above. This should guide you on your way to successfully flash your phone. You should not flash any device as long as you do not understand what you are doing.
  14. Chris_67

    ZTE Skate TPTs

    OK guys - Stop here! Too much OT again! Let's concentrate on TPT and Partitions.

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