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  1. Trip have you ever considered using Rom manager for your roms? That would be awsome
  2. Haha your welcome man ! Sensation is winning by a lot hope the gap grows even more !
  3. Guys even if you don't use miui you should vote for development on the sensation !! This will bring official support from xiaomi and should bring us MIUIv4 http://miui-france.org/?p=215 Just click on HTC Sensation scroll down a bit and click vote !:) It's miui France but they are in contact with xiaomi for the poll Vote guys thanks!!!
  4. Trip if you go to the phone app you can see it in the dialer. Compare that to settings by looking at it at a completely straight angle and you will se the difference. The dialer has the blueish gradient at the bottom and the settings is completely black
  5. Is 7.5 noticeably smoother that alpha 7 ? And i dont think its because of how fast it is bro :/ Its because of the missing 2d HW acceleration i think. The rom is really fast though :D
  6. Hey trip with this being being only an alpha I didnt expect it to be very smooth or have true HW acceleration, but everyone says that its super smooth and you say it does have 3d and 2d acceleration. But I really dont notice it, its not slow at all it actually very fast , but not smooth at all :( Im not bashing or anything i love what your doing im just wondering if this is how ICS will truly run on our phones ? Im only saying this because of other comments not because i expected this to be close to final. I love what your doing btw thanks!!
  7. I think it was probably that because it was not enabled when I flashed it but now my homebutton doesnt work and i cant look my phone since the second flash:/
  8. Ok so i flashed the other link and forced 2d HW acceleration and put a live wallpaper and i have not had another reboot.
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