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  1. René Klunder

    HTC 7 Trophy Crash/Reboot Issue

    Don't tell me that twelve months later you haven't solved it..........? I could help.
  2. René Klunder

    HTC HD2

    Get a fresh SDcard and copy the largest file from this exe: .RUU_Leo_S_HTC_NLD (!!!!!!!dutch version!!!!!!!!!)_3.14.404.2_Radio_15.42.50.11U_2.15.50.14_LEO_S_Ship.exe (just google it)to your SDcard and rename it: leoimg.nbh and insert SD, then start device holding vol-down while pressing power.
  3. René Klunder

    Phone not updating?

    You need to upgrade using the LG-tools which you can copy from your SDcard (LGPCsuite or something like that) or use http://lg.com and follow instructions.... 2.3.4 yes!
  4. René Klunder

    [Help] I need stock recovery image!!

    I think you need NVflash (google it) You might find it on this forum too.
  5. René Klunder

    RIL and baseband - confused n00b

    Every 2G/3G/4G network can be configured differently by their providers and it's about adapting your LGphone to the given network. (for other rooted phones the folks speak about "flashing a radio" instead of RILs and basebands but it's basically the same process/idea)
  6. René Klunder

    WindowsPhone7 from any Android-SD?

    I've searched a lot but no "rom" results. There is a dualboot (HD2) already, the Microsoft testpage and endlesss tutorials One rom with android removed for a while....?
  7. René Klunder

    [Q] Internal SD not recognised

    Try mounts and storage in recovery Oops, I saw CM somewhere but anyway I would solve such by booting into recovery. #1: When you copy both DCIM files or better both SDcards to that PC you can move all media that's been divided ,after switching, back to the main file(s) - (where the camera stores pics now)
  8. Sorry! WiFi and BB are not related here (above) Please, don't say stuff when you're not sure, tbecause this creates only questions and no solutions.
  9. René Klunder

    no signal or weak signal, where can i get antenna?

    Did you take the device apart for that digitizer (I checked some video's to understand what you did) then you might do that again and fasten all exactly so the parts are best fitting......
  10. René Klunder

    no signal or weak signal, where can i get antenna?

    Your inside antenna may have been disconnected or damaged (a sort of tape on back of microphone)
  11. René Klunder

    CM7 basband

    This MoDaCo-post may help because it's my experience with CM & Basebands.....
  12. René Klunder

    ICS Keyboard

  13. René Klunder

    ICS Keyboard

    Smart Keyboard Swift Keyboard (.zip-extract apk)
  14. René Klunder

    0824 (v21f) Baseband and RIL - Download Link & Testing

    In GetRIL it shows as V21(-) while the one I posted is actually V20(-) but maybe you saw that too. I never tested the V21(-) from GetRIL (I've tested V10c for 622bb with 824bb though/better!). I posted the "signed,zip" (#5) after checking the link that Marcel Janus gave us which "matches" with the 824bb (previous reply #2) Screenshot
  15. René Klunder

    Toggled Burrito Mode?

    When I flashed a MIUIrom once it had a SU (nonmarket) &without knowing that I installed the usual apps and also a second SU app. (can also happen when you toggled apps in SUapp itself and when you close/open SU you see one app noted two times in a row.) That's how it happens too..... That's why it says Toggled Burrito mode like you did it yourself (as SuperUser/Administrator) I guess that's why the dev is having a laugh until the next time on MODACO http://www.google.co...uOVvjUs3VHvnhWg

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