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  1. I'd first like to thank you for your work you put into our blades, KonstaT. I have a hard time pulling down the status bar, it releases 'my touch' as it seems. Same thing for my swype or scrolling through menus. Didn't have this issue with CM10 nor Aurora Borealis. Anyone experiencing the same problem and is there a way to resolve this issue? EDIT: 'Solved' -> problem disappears when unplugged from charger :)
  2. I'm using Swedish spring rl5 at the moment. When I put my phone on airplane mode and people send me long text messages, I won't receive them when I turn on my phone back to normal mode. So I decided I won't use the airplane mode again. However, after a while I got the same problem even though I haven't used airplane mode. If other people send sms longer than 2, I won't receive them either. This is not always the case, it seems rather random to me. Sms that are 1 long are no problem. This is not operator related. When I put my simcard in my old nokia, I get all 'stuck' messages instantly. I don't know if I should flash to another ROM, if there's a simple fix etc... I hope someone recognizes this issue Regards
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