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  1. Finally ...... you did it , I had asked for paranoidandroid a long time ago please upload :)
  2. Now that Superandrex is back , our MT will surely get CM9 hell even cm10.1 Lens_Flare + Superandrex + acer- (if he helps) = 100% CM10.1
  3. OMG!! You are back :) :) :) :D I (and everybody here) would prefer a working CM9 or any ICS/JB build over updated version of any GB rom For the updated version of AzurMetal I would like to suggest UBUNTU for Phones like theme ( I hope its not too much ) Also what would it require to port ubuntu ( for phones) on Metal Also can we use the current cm9 source to build the cm10.1 ??? in that way we can at least get cm10.1
  4. thankyou for taking it in a joyful manner still no change in the background <_< Now we should have a have competition on which website is better
  5. Background is awesome Dude Love it :) It provides a challenge for your eyesight It sets a new level for reading skills Rolls on the floor laughing
  6. As the title says can anybody port / create paranoid rom for our device??? It is one of the most awesome roms available across various devices!! Though the latest version requires JB a ics based version is also available!!!
  7. As the title says what is the latest version of CWM touch I am currently using Also can anybody post their recovery if it of later version Thanx
  8. First the problem is caused due insufficient space in the system partition , Solution first install only rom and reboot then install root explorer or any root file manager of your choice open /system/media delete the videos folder also delete any ringtones which you don't use. Then open /system/app delete all the unneeded apps like rom manager, email ,exchange ,camera etc now extract the gapps and compare their size with the free space in /system partition The free space in the system partition must be greater than that of gapps (you can also delete some gapps if you want) If you have deleted some gapps create a new zip Now reboot into recovery and flash the gapps
  9. I tried the latest version of your rom and its eye candy but I have a few issues I tried to enable the 5 button status bar in the settings but it doesn't seem to work!!!! I tried : Settings ==> phone ==> keypad ==>Navigation keys on and show on bottom on But it doesn't work :( I even tried rebooting Also whenever I try to customize a theme a get a force close Am I doing anything wrong???
  10. Do you flash techno lover kernel??? I am not using any ( custom kernels) and it works perfectly
  11. It works perfectly on stock based roms dont flash it on cm7 roms for now
  12. Awesome....................... BTY "acer-" has refurbished his "Liquid MT" and will resume its development from April Why april because he has exams (3) back to back You can help him as he is really weak in the kernel part
  13. Chainfire is useless it doesn't work i even tried installing a non -market tegra app it opens and then says your device is not compatible however u may edit : ro.product.device or ro.device.fingerprint i havent tried editing build.prop
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