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  1. Firstly, KontaT thanks for the awesome work, the room is very stable and fast, even seems that is complete ;) now my question - How can i install apps directily on SD card? I already use "adb shell pm setInstallLocation 2" and "adb shell pm set-Install-Location 2" commands and they aren't recognized (Yes, i have usb debugging enabled). with the andorid 2.3 it worked well.
  2. This rom looks very good!!! his can be my next rom keep the good work. thanks
  3. Assumo que sejas portugues, portanto cá vai.

    Eu sou um completo iniciado em alterar o android (já tenho o sapo a5 ha 16 meses e só ontem aprendi a mudar o ROM).

    ADORO o teu homescreen, icones, wallpaper (da scarlett). Há alguma hipotese de fazeres upload do que é necessário e me ensinares a instalar/configurar?

  4. I installed the nightly 216 and i have 2 problems. 1) my contacts on SIM card doesnt appear... 2) when i go configure the google account he asks someting about server after i write the mail and password, in other roms its so mutch easy...
  5. I vote Monfro cae v3.1- very smooth, good battery life and clean look.
  6. what is Player Pro Widget? I have go launcher pro and dont has it. I instaled adw launcher ex and doesnt has it? can you post the link of market to the ap. i dont have cm7 rom, i use mofro cae rom thanks
  7. this room will be awesome if you change: 1) launcher pro to Go launcher ex and of course add the launcher to system with this theme: https://market.andro...suavegolauncher 2) remove lime green of scroll bars (i know you post the patch, but in a new release you can implement it) 3) transparent status bar (1st option for my taste): http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1031106 I will wait keep the good work
  8. The miui version is very good, but im happy with other rom so i will keep it In your rom i dont like (its my taste) the notifications and the power widget. where i can find the miui icons? the icons work on Go Launcher ex? thanks
  9. Go Launcher EX is the most beautiful launcher, but the LauncherPro is smoother than Go launcher EDIT: or maybe are equal in speed terms i changed my to Go Launcher EX and i dont regret
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