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  1. Hello Has anyone had (or better still know how to fix) problems with the clock since the clocks changed? I was all excited when I went to bed on Sunday to see that the clock had indeed already put itself back, and a bit more gutted in the morning when it woke me up and I realised that it put itself back again after that. Since then it's been putting itself forward and back seemingly at random, and the last straw was when I looked at my phone just now and saw that it had gone forward 5 hours. Any suggestions?
  2. Already had BSB tweaks. After I'd given up it just started working again, so :S Maybe it didn't feel well or something.
  3. I have the feeling I've probably done something stupid but... As it says on the tin - my screen won't rotate. Any suggestions? I've checked the G sensor and it's still working, both in calibrate and in Teeter.
  4. I've been poking around the phone trying to find out where the Start Menu order is saved, hoping it might be easier to mess around with it manually than to move things to the top one at a time and in the right order. Didn't find that :( But what I did find in the windows directory was the transcriber application that we all used with styli in ages past, which works pretty well with fingers too, and which to my way of thinking works better than the on screen keyboard if you want to write a text message. However running it is an all or nothing thing - you can't switch between it and the keyboard. Does anyone know of a way you can make this possible?
  5. Anyone had this problem / know what you can do about it? My e-mail settings keep partially disappearing. The account details are still partially there, but when I go to look at them because I'm wondering why I'm not getting e-mails that are in the account, the server settings have gone :rolleyes:
  6. I had a couple of problems when I first got it, but they seem to have gone away. I'd happily recommend it to anyone at least semi technology literate as the best phone out there by a long way, but I wouldn't like to see it in the hands of my mother or someone that couldn't work out how to tinker with it!
  7. Does anyone know how to remove a phantom e-mail from the Sense Homepage tab? It's only on the tab at the bottom, no sign of it anywhere else, always shows one more e-mail than I have. Have tried turning Sense off and on, turning sense off and rebooting phone, ... all the usual stuff!
  8. Hello I can't answer the biggest bit of your question as I reduce data use by having Co-Pilot (which is really cheap) for sat nav and NaviComputer (free) with data from Open Street Map for places that I know I'm likely to get lost in (check OSM coverage first on their website - places like university towns tend to be great, but in some towns it's useless) downloaded to the phone. What I can say is that while the HD2 doesn't have a way of monitoring data usage, the Orange website does.
  9. Been ok after a hard reset - touch wood. Curious, but at least it's not been too much of a problem for it's been a great phone - I love it to pieces!
  10. Have you seen this? Start Menu rearranging ap :huh: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=584923
  11. I'm already using it. When the phone crashes it's the whole phone that crashes, not just the application. I can't switch applications or use any of the hardware buttons. Bizarrely though, after a few mins of not letting me do anything it locks, and it will also unlock and allow me to return to the same crashed state as it was in before!
  12. My super duper lovely wovely amazingly shiny HD2 has started to crash frequently. It happens about once every 30-45 mins worth of time playing with the phone. I haven't installed anything new that I hadn't used before immediately before the crashes started, can't see any pattern to them in terms of what I'm doing at the time, and am using the manufacturers ROM with only harmless tweaks (none recent). It doesn't crash completely, it will still time out to the lock screen, and I can normally still unlock it (back to where it crashed). I am quite good at closing applications I'm not using at that moment, so there should never be a massive drain on resources. Last crashes have been during phone call, when browsing using Opera, when using NaviComputer, when using Google maps, when playing Solitaire, and when taking a photo. It's happened with GPS and Wi-Fi on and off, and when charging and not charging. Any ideas for how I might go about finding out what's wrong?
  13. I've noticed it - can't see any pattern to what it does, although the ones it moves to the top aren't ones I don't use at all.
  14. My heart has sat with Win Mo since 2002, although I was getting a bit fed up with it being left behind in terms of technology and poor selection of phones. I was thinking about switching to something Android, as I was months overdue my upgrade because there was nothing to upgrade to and as there didn't seem to be any prospect of anything coming in the near future. The HD2 has allayed my fears about staying with Windows because - It's interface is nearly as good as iPhone and the screen is nicer - The hardware is excellent - great camera etc - HTC's add on to WinMo isn't, as I thought it would be and as operator additions to previous windows phones have been, something I needed to get rid of as quickly as possible. It's actually really good and fills in all the missing holes in Windows really well - It's still Windows, and even if it's not necessarily the best, it takes the lead by bagging all the familiarity points ;)
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