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  1. LB88

    [ROM 2.3.5]

    I really don't know. Perhaps someone more expert could explain it.
  2. LB88

    [ROM 2.3.5]

    IMHO the movement is perfectly smooth, but I have never tried to do this with 2.3.4 so I cannot compare them. About your English don't worry I am Italian too
  3. LB88

    [ROM 2.3.5]

    No, I didn't. I have only flashed the Bin.
  4. LB88

    [ROM 2.3.5]

    I've run quadrant standard edition. I have seen the planets but I havent noticed anything strange. Why do you ask?
  5. LB88

    [ROM 2.3.5]

    This is a screenshot of phone information
  6. I was looking for the newest ROM for my phone, and I found this link. http://touch-project...cer-liquid.html I've flashed it and now it is working, so I have decided to share it with you. Hi PS: only languages avaible are english and asiatics languages i dont know
  7. I have flashed it, and it seems to work quite well. Only english and ideograms...
  8. Hi everyone, I’m new on this forum and I am a complete newbie. I was looking for the official release of Gingerbread 2.3.5 for my Liquid metal, and I found this link. http://touch-project...cer-liquid.html Has anyone tried it? Does it Work? Sorry for my English (I’m from Italy). Hi
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