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  1. Hi Paul, I'm a newbie here. Not sure if I just don't understand how to use the on line kitchen to select custom rom features I want or if the page is somehow broken. I was given to understand that by supporting ad-free I would gain access to the on line kitchen. I show up as an ad-free user when I sign in. After selecting the features I want for my custom rom, when I get to the bottom of the page, there is supposed to be a "bake it" graphic button, but it is not present. Instead there is text "<% BAKEBUTTON %>" , however clicking it does not seem to result in any action at all. Please help. I have disabled any restrictions on this page in my browser, but that did not cause the button to appear or work for me either. Thank you, Greg
  2. I have attempted to bake a custom htc hero cdma 2.2 rom, but the referenced "bake" graphic that is supposed to be on the page is not there. Maybe i have misunderstood. Can an advanced MoDaCo user point me in the right direction?The rom I am refering to is pinned on the android htc section of ModaCo. thanks
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