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    Child Safety app no longer working after update

    I realise this is a very late follow-up .... but in the interests of community information :-) i found that while using a pin doesn't work a password does. So I have just set the screen password to roughly equivalent to my pin code. Hope that helps!
  2. Nick_Cross

    SD Card Removed Unexpectedly (Hudl2)

    My kids each have a tablet ; and on one of them it very often dismounts the SD card. The other has dismounted occasionally. They are both identical SanDisk Extreme UHS-1 Micro SD from MyMemory. Its only during sleep as well. Very frustrating :angry:
  3. Nick_Cross

    January OTA feedback for Tesco

    I have daydream turned off. Unfortunately I am also seeing charging problems. We have especially seen it in the car. The car chargers we use are those recommended in http://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-usb-car-charger/ (e.g. a Scosche and an Aukey) - they successfully charge my phone (a Sony Z2) and are rated more powerful than the original Hudl charger so I don't think they are at fault. Neither is the cable - a portapow one. Rebooting/turning off does seem to help but is extremely frustrating - it would be helpful if this could be fed back to Tesco ;-)

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