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  1. Well this is embarrasing, I am so used to using the power button to select I just assumed that was how it would be with this phone too, lol.
  2. Hi I was following this guide http://sanfranciscoa...i-zte-crescent/ but I just jumped straight into installing CWM so I could flash a custom ROM, I didn't unlock the phone first...and now I have a CWM that does nothing, selecting any option in CWM just brings the CWM logo instead of the selected option, so I can't flash a ROM or do anything at all with CWM. Is the problem because I didn't unlock the phone first? I basically have a non working CWM and I am stuck. ANd now I can't unlock it anyway because I can't get FTM mode. BTW, I also tried this alternative way
  3. I got one from Dixons for £224. :) I think the best way to get ICS is unlock the bootloader, then stick CWM on it and flash this http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1446469 There are custom ICS roms around but I am happy with the stock + root. For overclocking I just flashed a custom kernel http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1454863
  4. Yea, given that the 2X has way more powerful hardware it wasn't a simple choice for me either, the Nexus S has some good points, I especially liked how it felt to hold in the hand. I know I made the right decision though. :)
  5. Yea, it's the only way. :)
  6. It has just been one mistake (by me) after another, lol. Sold on Ebay for £200, the guy wanted me to put ICS back on for him. It means I lose some money due to fees but at least I get most back.
  7. Works with ADW Launcher too. Long press on home screen Select Custom Shortcuts Select Activities Scroll down to and expand com.lge.hiddenmenu Select HiddenMenu I paid £199 for mine from Amazon recently, very happy with it. Using Temaseks Kang 7.2.
  8. Yea but when I went to take it back the shop it still had ICS on it. Now they have me black-marked as far as returning it goes.
  9. Thanks but no luck! I had already taken it into the shop with ICS on it and they saw that and said no, so I came home and put 2.3.1 back on it and tried to do the return by phone - little did I know that the gy in the shop had noted the order number and made a note that I had tried to return it! It is on Ebay now if you want it.
  10. I managed to get 2.3.2 back on my Nexus S. I had to install CWM to flash it, when it reboots CWM is lost, so I re-locked the bootloader and it is now stock again. Now I can return it for a refund. :)
  11. Did it! I followed this guide http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=895545 to install CWM and then flashed the 2.3.2 rom, upon booting the rom CWM is lost. I re-locked the bootloader and now I have a stock phone. :) Now I can send it back and get a refund.
  12. I wonder why "dialler" would show up under sensor usage?
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