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  1. Hello World & WinMo Gurus ... I have my old-faithful B7610 ( WinMo 6.1 ) for around 2 years now , wonderfully tuned, tweaked & optimised - to overcome most of the software drawbacks . I havent touched the ROM , only played around with registry changes & it worked wonders for me . In the new age of Android 3 / 4 , and Galaxy S-2 ( which my wife owns ) , my Louvre still fascinates me .... except for a nagging eye-sore of the Incoming Call Screen background color . The white color is absolutely jarring & un-cool . There must be a way to change the background to any ( patterned wallpaper ) image file , or even plain or shaded color band other than white . Even a sober grey-black would be better than the bland & jarring WHITE !! I know most people would impulsively suggest SWITCH to "S2U2" !! I have tried that stuff , doesnt suit my style . I just love the built-in dialer of Samsung Omnia , and trust me - S2U2 causes more scratches on the screen . So S2U2 is a definite NO-NO for me :( There must be a REGISTRY TWEAK trick to change the default color / image of the Incoming Call Screen And with that ... if there's a way to INCREASE the Caller Photo SIZE slightly ( not full screen ) , that would be wonderful . Could someone help me with this please ? Many thanks in advance :rolleyes:
  2. Hello World my B7610 ( WM6.1 with original rom ) is over a year now , and I have been making do with a free app called 'ACR' ( Auto Call Recorder ) which takes up program memory & more importantly 3 to 4 minutes of booting time ( it auto loads on START ) . i was told - in WM6.5 original rom version , there's a RED dot / button on "notes" button on the dialer skin , which can activate / de-activate the Auto-Call Record feature . i desperately needed the CAB to activate this feature . anyone can help please ? running external program is a waste of memory & loading time . many thanks in advance !
  3. this is the authentic Samsung TV-out cable for B7610 . note : its a MicroUSB to 3RCA cable , NOT a 3.5mm to 3RCA cable
  4. Hello D im sort of new out here , but for my B7610 ( WM6.1 ) I have been hunting for the right TV-out cable for last 1 year , without success . I have tried all kinds of available "3.5mm" to 3RCA jacks ( hi-quality Nokia ones , Samsung other models ) , but none of them works .... only feeble audio comes from TV , no video at all . then i realised , the only way is to have the "Micro-USB" to 3RCA jack TV out ... the official Samsung B7610 accessory , which is obsolete now , since B7610 is out of production . if anyone has "successfully" used a 3.5mm to 3RCA on B7610 , please let me know the brand ( and phone model ) .... please !
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