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  1. If this Rom source got TLS support then you are true, if not or removed than possible make install with an a old recovery with one hack on the source http://review.androidarmv6.org/#/c/6074/
  2. On my option, yes. ( but androidmeda and psyke83 make an amazing job on androidarmv6 so maybe one day armv6 device can boot to CM12 ( of course when source is ready ) but its need lot of work and i dont know how is usuable after that ) I played with few hours with Lollipop n5 preview, i can say that its amazing so far.
  3. I dont think its come to the our phone maybe really just a preview. If i know right, then lollipop doesnt has dalvik option only ART which is not armv6 friendly its need hardly hack to make it work and lot of space on your device but i dont think its working great after hacked. I think its just slow as hell I dont tried lollipop yet ( i have N5 after my skate its dead ) but i have. I just working with KK. On my old skate i have some issue on libutils after 09.20 build myself so some patches break my zte device to boot for CM11, maybe you have the same issue on blade.
  4. Something wrong with your digitalizer if it doesnt recognize your touch. Seems to LCD good, Check again the hardware that you built in correctly.
  5. Hey, guys! I regret to say that my phone was dead,water ( or pálinka ) leaked the display and does not turn on anymore. Basically the phone its booted, but the display its not. Not in my plans to replace the screen so I buy a new phone (Nexus 5) Thank you all test/feedback! Good luck in the future!
  6. Hmm I never had this issue, do you use any script? :/ ilsang06200 can you confirm that the sfr kernel update is working or I need build one new build from source for sfr for any build? Im working on the jenkins build make it up to date, only kernel need updates now, if all patch set allowd then my Cm11 developer work work moved to jenkins.
  7. From 3. post : Tips - If you want change density, you only need open CMFilemanager, add root permission and change the score whatever you want in build.prop / qemu.sf.lcd_density and ro.sf.lcd_density / So Open CMFilemanager, add Root permission in settings/general then go to /system/ and open the build.prop file change this two line : / qemu.sf.lcd_density and ro.sf.lcd_density / On 08.17 build it was setup to 200 instead of 240 then you need reboot / not only soft reboot /
  8. New build: n Update 2014-09-15 *** IMPORTANT: THIS BUILD MUST BE FLASHED WITH CWM RECOVERY LINK ON FIRST PAGE *** cm-11-20140915-UNOFFICIAL-skate.zip : DOWNLOAD SFR-FTS-boot-4.4.4-KitKat-Based-Roms_20140914.zip : DOWNLOAD You'll need at least 220 mb system partition for the ROM and gapps to fit. - Home button fixed - Fix "add_tid_to_cgroup failed to write"error, thanks to bigsupersquid - Graphics updates - Enable scissor optimization - Use FORCE_SCREENSHOT_CPU_PATH and disable Zygote preload of EGL drivers - Synced with the latest source. ( Rotation, Home and some minor issue from before build now its fixed. )
  9. Download this: http://d-h.st/sC1 Small file transfer works with latest recovery, after copied reboot to recovery then flash it then reboot again the recovery with original key or from advanced options
  10. Which rom? Try copy the rom with old recovery or booted build, on latest recovery the copy via usb sticky :( Just flash back the old recovery boot into then copy your prefered rom then flash again the newest recovery and flash it.
  11. Check again my previous post, your key code for correct recovery: Volume UP + Home + Power
  12. Try boot into recovery via Volume up + Home + Power! After you can navigate ;) CM11 update only tomorrow, im very tired, but PAC and AOSPA its up-to-date.
  13. Its ready for daily usage. For me this one the one of the best KitKat rom, simple, fast, and battery its better than other KitKat roms in my option. I dont use any script whit my builds, only PAC-man has a lot if init.d tweak which you can copy paste from the rom if you want testing. All script its supported, but not sure for every works good whit armv6 devices. First boot its quitly long but after its ok.
  14. New build: 2014.09.14. * Optimized the build with -o3 flags * Fix "add_tid_to_cgroup failed to write"error, thanks to bigsupersquid * Upstream fixes pac_skate_4.4.4.RC-1_20140914-203851.zip DOWNLOAD
  15. New build: pa_skate-4.6-20140914.zip DOWNLOAD * Home button fixes * Fix "add_tid_to_cgroup failed to write"error, thanks to bigsupersquid * Upstream fixes
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