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  1. Just flashed this rom. It does not seem like it suffers from slow charging
  2. This is old news. Builds of ICS with Ganster's mods have been out for a while now. As for JB, it's being worked on.
  3. I returned to CM9 when I found out that HQ Youtube has been fixed. But a few hours of using ICS have made me remember why I stopped using it in the first place. Several apps that I use are still quite buggy on CM9. I hope the devs find a way to make Youtube HQ work on CM10 too.
  4. Please add Ganster's fix. Your rom is the only one I know that allows to change the NavBar height. I want to be able to use that.
  5. Thanks to Ganster, I'm contemplating on whether or not to go back to this rom from JB. :D JB and ICS are mostly similar anyway, and I want the ability to play HQ videos when needed.
  6. Tap the contact to open it, then tap the button with the three dots on the upper right corner. That should open a menu with "edit" as one of the choices.
  7. If you're expecting gmail, youtube and the others, they're not included in the package since that is a stripped-down version of the gapps package. The full gapps zip is over 80 mb. You have to download the others from the Play Store
  8. My status bar doesn't go all the way down to the bottom. It leaves a small gap between the bottom of the pull-down thing and the navigation bar. Am I the only one who experiences this?
  9. As far as I know, wiping is only necessary if you're changing to an entirely different rom. Personally, I didn't do any wipes, my apps are still here and I'm not experiencing any problems.
  10. I want to switch over to OpenStreetMap from Google Maps because OSM apps' offline features better suit my needs. However, I find that most of them are really slow on my Blade. Am I the only one who experiences this? Can you give me a recommendation on an OSM app that runs fast? Thanks
  11. One of the things you can do to change your rom's looks is to use themes. You can install a custom launcher, and find themes for your chosen launcher. However, some aspects of a rom's looks cannot be easily changed... like the one in your second screenshot. If I'm not mistaken, that's the settings app. I think you'd have to modify the app itself to change how it looks.
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