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  1. Looks like the update has fixed the issue with wifi not re-enabling after sleep anyway :)
  2. Can't see an update.sh in the root of the filesystem, or do you mean somewhere else?
  3. I've installed CMW, then installed this using it and it all appears to be fine, but if I go into Hudl updates it still says there's a new version (1.3) available - is that normal or should it think I'm up to date now?
  4. I tried the camera in skype and it was terrible, barely able to see anything - I tried the camera using the android camera app and it was much much better, and more what I was expecting - I'm not sure if there's a software issue at work here.
  5. The charger on my original Hudle was DoA, had to get a replacement. Under the rubbery finish it's just some generic far east thing.
  6. Yeah, its the most recessed SD slot I have ever used.. At least it won't pop out :-)
  7. Ah, sorted.. it was setting the permissions on the file wrong.. Android doesn't like that :)
  8. Weird.. whenever I change that value and save the file it bootloops the device.
  9. The max file size for a FAT partition is 4gig, and the Hudl (and android in general) doesn't support ExFat or NTFS so neither of those are an option. There are apps in the store though, like the Paragon one ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.paragon.mounter&hl=en ) that will let you mount them, but you'll need to root your device first.
  10. Yeah, I know about the setting and build.prop etc, but I thought that was the interval between scanning for new networks, and has no effect if you have that switched off. I actually changed another setting in build.prop before I went away on Friday and managed to brick my Hudl.. need to do a reflash back to stock tonight :)
  11. Just use the alternative method detailed in this post - that works fine in windows.
  12. Is that the Scan for new network setting? I have that switched off. I did a test over the last couple of days, charged both the iPad and the hudl, unplugged both and left them unused for 24hours. Hudl dropped 12%, iPad 1%. This is with WiFi on in the hudl settings, and the iPad doing whatever it does with WiFi, which is apparently to sleep and periodically wake up. So battery life is alright, if not stellar.. Would be great if WiFi sleep would work properly and periodically wake for notifications.
  13. I briefly tried setting the wifi to sleep and had the same issue 9 times out of 10. I've had that issue on every android device I've owned I think.
  14. I can't get it to play 1080p either in XBMC, although the CPUs are still sat at 0% and the GPU isn't *that* bad .. might be a memory bandwidth issue, or something that can be fixed with some optimisation. My iPad mini plays the 1080p birds stress test in xbmc without missing a beat, and that's pretty naff spec wise.
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