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  1. sorry for late answer. i was missing on vacations. Some people mentioned incompatibility with their provider's SIM cards. Since all my country's providers' SIM cards are properly working i can not face the problem myself and properly solve it. My suggestion is install twister v2 ROM. it is very good too. If you do not like it you can get parts from my ROM and make your unique ROM yourself. see here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2342764
  2. exactly. unless you install some Boot loader and it will do the job automatically for you.
  3. Samsung omnia was the first multilanguage windows mobile phone. under setings you can find an option to change language. usually for your edition of phone and country/ROM only Koren and english should be available. so you want to flash from korean to english or opposite or to another language ?
  4. CM6NEW version 8 with kexec kernel It is the same on everything with normal cm6new v8 (with kukafei kernel), except the kernel. New features are - used the kernel and modules from here http://www.modaco.com/topic/354117-k.../#entry1953158 - About 5% improvement in speed. - Unfortunately a bit more power consumption i think - removed some apps - added honso multiling keyboard that has arrows and is very helpful with our resistive screen - added touchpal contacts for faster calling (two last features can be uninstalled for lighter experience) No new photos installation instructions same as here http://www.modaco.co...-9#entry2191511 link for download in the first post.
  5. Samsung wave (s8500 has a stonger cpu and cpu). it is 3 generations after our cpu. for this cpu samsung released native android 2.3 and so drivers. for our phone's chipset samsung only released android 2.2 drivers. programmers managed our chipset to run up to android 4.0 (ics). but never run jelly bean or kit kat. theoritically it is possible, if you have enough programmers for writing a proper kernel, proper drivers, framework etc But we do not have them. and even if we had them, our phone has only 256mb of ram, plus resistive screen, plus slow cpu An example. on antutu our phone can give the most 1250 points. Wave can give more than 1850. 50% more. Wave has 390 mb RAM. so for a number of reasons our phone can not run kit kat or jelly bean Even for ics, do not feel jealous of newer versions of android on old phones, because most of these portings are crippled. many functions are lost. Our phone already has a proper 2.3 android running. but since it lacks camera, wifi, etc i prefer to have froyo on my phone, that has almost all functions working. i would be happy to see more people even as testers on our phone.
  6. SAMSUNG I8000 (OMNIA2) ANDROID CM6NEW ROM Version 8 - Remove the lock kitkat that previous versions had and replace the stock locking (which its appearance has been modified to look like ics) which is faster. Anyone can install from the market any LOCK he wants. I recommended the holo locker. - Changed wifi connection method and I hope this can somehow corrected the error that prevented the phone either to identify or connect to networks. Default is 11 channels, because I think 13 is too crowded. If you can not see your router, change the router to 11 channels or 13 channels on the phone. - Changed the clock. Now we have jelly bean clock (not ics as before). The alarm works properly (tried) - Changed the libs on more recent versions - Replace the default messaging application to send 160 Greek/hebrew etc characters. The additional application handcent SMS removed - Changed the dialer (phone.apk) with improved signal and better in call menu - Upgraded other applications on the latest froyo (2.2.3) and all google applications and third in the latest versions, as are on play store - Applied ics, jelly bean theme in applications and settings - About 5% improvement in speed. Note : Also here all changes made ​​having in mind speed, the screen type our mobile (resistive), the platform version of course ( android froyo ) and the look of latest distributions android (4.0 - 4.4). The optional, applications are not installed on the system , so anyone who does not need them, can uninstall them and lighten his cell phone. Anyone who needs them can keep them and make his mobile phone look like more modern. There are other similar applications in the market, but they are not free and so since it is not allowed to distribute commercial applications , anyone who wants can buy them and make his phone beautiful / faster . Photos of new features attached installation instructions same as here http://www.modaco.co...-9#entry2191511 link for download in the first post.
  7. what you mean "reflashing all the settings to what they were". which flash tool you are using ? on previous phone youtube was installed on system or storage ? try to reinstall on new phone youtube 2.4.4 cab again. i think your problem will be fixed
  8. - normally shouldn't be your broken proximity, since you also press keys - unexpected freezes occur because this is beta version too, do not forget -wifi consumes much energy on born android phones too -phone gets slow is cause of low memory. after it cleans memory it runs better again. maybe i should publish another lite version with fewer system apps -to delete google talk use some Root File Explorer go to system/app and delete talk.apk
  9. if you installed on sd YES you run haret from storage (internal memory). i am working on our phone. yes. but next step in much more difficult. our phone is close to it's limits. we do not have newer drivers. dev stopped working on android 2.2 - 2.3 apps. we can only do some minor changes unless we can have a new kernel. maybe i am alone working on this phone. and the job to be done is too much for 1 person, plus i do not have plenty of free time now. anyone knows how to operate a linux computer or anyone can change permissions on some files in his phone can contribute. just pm me
  10. yes,both phones are armv6. just i8000 has s3c6410 chipset and i5500 has Qualcomm MSM7227 . chek here http://pdadb.net/index.php?m=specs&id=2390&c=samsung_gt-i5500_galaxy_5__corby_smartphone. we can port at least ics on our phone too, i5700 spica and samsung transform (both s3c6410 too) have but with poor functionality). so even if do it it will work only as pda because of no drivers. qualcommm chipset phones have the best drivers support
  11. we know the issues. .... but very few are working on them. 36 hours standby in accepted for a ported ROM. and it is not because android is running over wm. wm is just used to launch android through haret and then dissapears. even native android devices that run ported ROMS do not respond the same good as with factory ROM. our biggest problem is the kernel. we have an old kernel and no matter how many improvements we give to the rest ROM without a better kernel we can not expect many things. i am working on kernel 2.6.X.X https://github.com/argentinos/o2droid erikcas was working on kernel 3.0 https://github.com/erikcas/spica-3.0 if you want a better ROM for our phone help on these projects or try to improve existing ROMS. i started improving linuxsight ROMS and TWISTER ROM is evolution on frenkiedroid ROM if you want to get resources about our phone and studying galaxy s3 mini you are on a wrong path. these phone have completely different architecture. s3c6410 vs NovaThor U8420. you can almost port nothing from there. you should check for phones with similar to ours architecture. and since we have samsung chipset you should check for phones with samsung native chipset. a good place to start it here http://pdadb.net/index.php?m=pdamaster&posted=1&cpu=a6410 it's evolution is here s5pc100 http://pdadb.net/index.php?m=specs&id=2812&c=samsung_galaxy_s_sc-02b then here s5pc110 http://pdadb.net/index.php?m=pdamaster&posted=1&cpu=a10010 then here sppc210 http://pdadb.net/index.php?m=pdamaster&posted=1&cpu=a10009 you can even borrow some evolution from this phone http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_s5_%28octa_core%29-6237.php since it is samsung it will have more simillarities compared to qualcomm or other chipset manufacturer. but keep in mind our phone is armv6 (vfp) and not armv7 this wiki will help you with our phone's hardware too. http://omnia2droid.googlecode.com/svn/wiki/ also keep in mind these sites for their efforts on our chipset http://forum.samdroid.net/ http://www.jetdroid.org/ i hope you can help. the more the better and faster
  12. while Antoxa1998 is working on kexec ROM, i am working on improving a kernel for our ROM. the fastest kernel until now is ipaq's kernel. anyone wants can help and contribute to this project. no need to be a programmer or even know the simplest thing for linux. just a few short lessons and then, read, compare, copy, paste, edit, delete. even a few minutes of your free time is very valuable to this project. a project that may open our horizon for better gingerbread or even ics (dream) on our phone.
  13. i do not want to start a new thread since i am planning and already working on continuing this project. i want to modernize this kernel in order to make our froyo ROM faster and make gingerbread ROM with more features to work. there are many sources over the internet. we only need some volunteers. no need for advanced linux/programming knowledge. some free time and will to study a little is necessary of course. volunteers can contribute here https://github.com/argentinos/o2droid (fork from ipaq's job) sources can be found here https://github.com/argentinos/kernel-s5pc100 https://github.com/argentinos/android_device_samsung_omnia2 https://www.kernel.org/ http://opensource.samsung.com/reception/receptionSub.do?method=sub&sub=F&searchValue=m910 http://opensource.samsung.com/reception/receptionSub.do?method=sub&sub=F&searchValue=5800 https://github.com/argentinos/android_device_samsung_omnia2 http://omnia2droid.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ my last goal is to see latest version of 2.6 kernel on our phone. i do not think our old phone can ever execute 3.X kernel or run properly android ICS, JB etc for those you dream about it can contibute on erikcas 3.0 kernel here https://github.com/erikcas/spica-3.0
  14. something like this ? http://www.symbianize.com/showthread.php?t=199385 it is in filippino language. use google translate to register and then download why you want only custom ROMS ? almost all of them have minor problems. i suggest to use original latest firmware. also why you use omnia2 phones ? better use ARM cortex A9 cpu phones such as HTC HD2 or TOSHIBA TG02 you can do more things with their power and customize ability
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